When You’re Sad Because You Never Married   Recently updated !

If you feel sad because you never married, guess what? You’re not alone, even though you feel lonely. We were made for companionship. God created us to spend life in pairs, with partners. He created us to love and be loved in return. And this makes it worse, doesn’t it? Why on earth – if […]

sad never got married

When You Feel Unloved and Unwanted

What to Do When You Feel Unloved and Unwanted   Recently updated !

Even if you’re married or in a good relationship, you’ll still struggle with feelings of being unloved and unwanted. It’s normal, because even the best man in the world can’t fill the emptiness – and neither can marriage, children, a good career, or money. That’s the bad news. But wait, there’s good news! I have […]

An Easy Way to Start Mending Your Broken Heart 

When a relationship ends, some people quickly bounce back. Others take longer, and still others never pick up the pieces of their broken hearts. Feeling stuck and lonely is no way to live – or to Blossom into who you were created to be! Why do some people heal faster than others? Maybe they know […]

An Easy Way to Start Mending Your Broken Heart 

How to Accept the End of a Relationship

Accepting the End of a Relationship You Want to Keep

How do you accept a breakup that blindsided you? Even if you suspected your relationship was ending, you wanted to keep it alive. You were holding on with hope and faith. Now that it’s over, you’re having trouble moving on. Learning how to accept the end of a relationship – especially one you wanted to […]

Tips for Dealing With a Secret Unhealthy Relationship

You’re involved with the wrong guy: a boss, a married man, a teacher or coach at school, or your friend’s boyfriend. You can’t talk about him with your friends or family. These tips for dealing with secret unhealthy relationships will help you break free. Are you thinking about ending this relationship? Read How to End […]

How to Deal With a Secret Unhealthy Relationship

How to Prepare Your Heart to Fall in Love Again

How to Prepare Your Heart to Fall in Love Again   Recently updated !

Healing your heart after a breakup or death is the first stage of moving on. The second stage is preparing your heart for a new relationship. How do you take the risk of falling in love again after being hurt in the past? Two She Blossoms readers recently asked for help getting healthy. They want […]

5 Ways to Stop Wanting Him Back

The breakup had to happen, yet it breaks your heart. You can’t stop wanting him back! These tips will help you move forward without your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband, and inspire you to walk into a new season of life. After a breakup or divorce, you can’t just merrily move on with your life. Unfortunately, it […]

How to Stop Wanting Him Back After a Breakup

How to Calm the Anxiety of Meeting Your Ex New Partner

4 Ways to Calm the Anxiety of Meeting Your Ex and His New Partner

What do you say to your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend’s new partner when you meet for the first time? How do you cope with your feelings of anxiety, anger and insecurity? Meeting your ex’s new girlfriend — or his new wife — won’t be the easiest moment of your life…but it may not be as painful […]

How to Be Happy Alone After Your Relationship Ends   Recently updated !

Take heart, for you can be happy after a breakup – or even a divorce. These five tips on how to be alone and happy after your relationship ends will give you a strong foundation of peace, joy, and freedom. I wrote this article for a reader, who said:  “I am struggling with the idea […]

5 Ways to Be Happily Alone When a Relationship Ends

Loving Emotionally Unavailable Man

How to Love an Emotionally Unavailable Man 

You’re in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man – and you love him too much to leave. You are not alone, even if he doesn’t show his emotions.  In this article, you’ll find 10 tips on how to love a man who isn’t available emotionally. Here’s what a wife wrote on one of my articles […]