How to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself After He Leaves

While writing about feeling sorry for yourself because of a loved one’s death, I realized self-pity after a breakup is different. So, here are a few ideas on how to stop feeling sorry for yourself after your husband leaves your marriage or your boyfriend breaks up with you. I know it’s not as easy as simply getting over the one […]

to Stop Feeling Lost Without a Relationship

3 Ways to Stop Feeling Lost Without a Relationship

After a breakup – or any type of relationship loss – you don’t just miss the person’s physical presence. You miss the feeling of having that relationship in your life. You miss the emotional stability, physical security, and familiarity of knowing your boyfriend or best friend was there. You miss him or her, but you also miss the feeling of […]

When You Want to Believe He Can’t Live Without You

Deep down you know your heart will eventually heal, but right now you feel like you’ll die without him. Here’s what to do when all you want is to believe he loves you so much that he can’t live without you — whether he was your boyfriend for a year, your husband for a decade, or a fling for a […]

When You Want to Believe He Can't Live Without You

When God Says No to Your Heart's Desires

When God Says No to the Desires of Your Heart

I was about 20 when I realized having a baby was the desire of my heart; I was 42 when God said no. That’s 22 years of hoping, praying, and believing He would give me the desires of my heart. Over two decades of wondering, believing, and relying on God’s strength to keep moving forward. We tried fertility treatments, acupuncture, […]

Inspiration to Do What You Really Want to Do

You don’t need advice about your relationship, job, family life, or parenting skills. You already know what you really want and need to do…the problem is finding the motivation, courage, and strength to actually do it. “The purpose of this book is to remind you of what you already know and to kick you in the shins and inspire you […]

Inspiration to Do What You Really Want to Do

How to Break Your Addiction to a Toxic Relationship

How to Break Your Addiction to a Toxic Relationship

The book Exaholics: Breaking Your Addiction to an Ex Love does a fabulous job explaining why romantic relationships are addictive. If you’re searching for tips on how to break your addiction to a toxic relationship, your first step is to understand how love affects your brain chemistry. “When you fall in love, it sets your limbic system ablaze,” writes Dr […]

10 Reasons You Can’t Face the Truth About Your Relationship

Accepting the truth about someone you love is hard, even if you know he isn’t good for you. These 10 reasons you can’t face the truth about your relationship will help you see him — and yourself — in a different light. Sometimes we know the truth deep down, but we don’t want to admit it to ourselves. Why? Because […]

Reasons You Aren’t Facing the Truth About Your Relationship

Are You My Soulmate love of your life relationships

Are You My Soulmate? How to Recognize Lasting Love

These nine signs you found your soulmate will help you hold onto a good relationship – or let go of an unhealthy one. Finding the love of your life happens quickly for some couples. For others, it takes a lifetime. Before we find out if your boyfriend, husband or boss really is your soulmate, let’s look at the word for […]