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How to Convince Someone to Give You a Second Chance

The bad news is that you broke up. Maybe this is even the second or third breakup. But wait, I have good news! Convincing someone to give you a second chance may be easier than you think. A surprising number of breakups aren’t permanent because it is really hard to let go of someone you love (which is good news when you want to convince your ex to come back to you!).

These seven tips will help you convince someone to give you a second chance. Even more importantly, they’ll help you see if your relationship is indeed worth revisiting.

These tips for reconciling with your ex are inspired by a reader’s comment.  “I would do anything to get her back, anything,” says Terry on 3 Ways to Cope With an “On Again Off Again” Relationship. “I screwed up our relationship, I made mistakes that I regret so bad. Now I wish I could go back to the way things were. What do I do? How do I get her back? I just need to convince her to give me a second chance. I know I can prove my love and commitment if we get back together. Advice?”

Here’s a spiritual perspective that may not convince someone to give you a second chance, but may help you cope with the breakup: have faith that everything happens for a reason. Maybe you’ll get back together with your ex, and maybe not…but the relationship and the breakup happened for a reason.

Maybe your ex – and the mistakes you made – was meant to prepare you for a future relationship. Maybe your past relationship is meant to help you grow, mature, and become a better person. Is it possible that you’re better off learning how to find peace after a breakup?

If you’re sure that you want to convince your ex to take you back, here are a few tips for convincing her to give you a second chance.

7 Tips for Convincing Someone to Give You a Second Chance

One of the most important tips for reconciling is to give your ex time and space to breathe. The more you call, text, email, and contact her, the more she’ll pull away. The trick is finding the balance between wooing her romantically and giving her time to miss you. It takes careful thought when you’re trying to figure out how to get your ex back.

While you’re giving her space to breathe, use the time to get emotionally and spiritually healthy. The healthier you are, the more attractive you will be – and the happier you’ll be! A happy, healthy person is difficult to walk away from. We gravitate towards people who are grounded, centered, and whole.

Asking someone to give you a second chance isn’t about manipulating or convincing them to take you back. It’s about learning from the experience and becoming a better person.

1. Apologize for your role in the relationship and breakup

Apologizing for your actions and attitudes is a simple, powerful way to make up with your ex. You’re both in pain, you both may feel defensive, scared and confused – but a sincere apology without excuses or rationales is the first step towards convincing someone to give you a second chance. Take it a step further by sharing what you actually learned from the breakup. Is your love stronger – and why? Are you more convinced than ever that you’re meant to be together? What do you regret about the breakup, and how can you use your newfound wisdom to convince your ex to take you back?

Here’s what I’d like to hear from my husband if we had an argument that led to a breakup: “I’m really, really sorry that I hurt you. I wish with all my heart that I didn’t do “X”, but I did. I can promise you it will never happen again because I learned __________ from that experience.”

2. Discuss the reason your relationship broke up

If you cheated on your ex by having an affair, your ex deserves answers. Share some details of how and why the affair happened – such as how it came about and why you know it’ll never happen again. Talk about ways you and your ex can ensure it doesn’t happen again. Pinpoint the reason for the breakup, and discuss ways to protect yourself from it happening again.

Don’t avoid the difficult discussions or painful moments. Do not brush her questions away, even if you feel painfully uncomfortable. One of the main things I hear from women is that men don’t want to talk about stuff. This tip for reconciling with your ex is one of the most important – and one of the most difficult. Be honest about how you feel and what you think. If you don’t know what to say, tell her that. If you don’t know how to convince her to give you a second chance, say so. Share what’s on your heart.

3. Change your lifestyle in obvious ways

Are you clear about why you broke up? If not, listen to what people are telling you. Were you working too much, spending too much money, or not around enough? After you figure out why you broke up, make changes in your life that solve that problem. For example: if you cheated on your ex, you can no longer do the things you did. Of course you can’t cheat again – but you also lost your freedom to go and do whatever you want. If you really want to convince your ex to give you a second chance, you have to accept new limits and boundaries. You can’t go out for drinks or dinner with women, or hide your computer or phone passwords from your wife or girlfriend. If you want to make up with your ex, your life has to be an open book..

How to Convince Someone to Give You a Second Chance
How to Convince Someone to Give You a Second Chance

You need to rebuild trust by being open to reasonable requests regarding boundaries and behavior. If you don’t know what this means, consider couples therapy or marriage counseling.

One of the biggest obstacles to getting back together with an ex is lack of communication. Sometimes, an ex simply doesn’t want to talk about the breakup or the relationship, and you’re forced to move on without further communication. If this describes your situation, you might find How to Heal Your Heart Without Relationship Closure helpful.

4. Talk about how your life is different now

How are your habits – and you yourself – different now? Share how your life, habits, and perspectives will be different after you make up with your ex. Ask your ex what changes she would like to see in your relationship.

When you’re trying to convince someone to take you back, talk about the changes you’ll both need to make. But, be very careful not to blame her for the relationship problems. If you want to save your relationship, you’ll both need to change in some way. You need to learn new ways to communicate and be together as a couple.

Make this part of your apology! When you’re figuring out how to convince someone to give you a second chance in a relationship, you have to be honest, real, and humble. Apologize for your part in the breakup; not only is saying “I’m sorry” good for your soul, research shows that apologies repair relationships and help to facilitate forgiveness.

5. Don’t just talk

Part of the reason it’s difficult to convince your ex to take you back is that talk is meaningless. You can talk until you have no words left, you can repeat yourself over and over, and you can write everything until you’ve used every letter of the alphabet a million times. It’s meaningless, useless – especially if you and your ex have had these problems before.

So, how do you convince your ex to take you back by going beyond talk? By going into counseling, reading books about relationships, and changing your habits to reflect your commitment to your ex. And, when you’re thinking about how to convince someone to give you a second chance, keep learning what she thinks about the breakup. Don’t assume you know why she’s mad or what you did wrong. Ask sincere questions about the breakup, and listen between the lines. Watch her face and body when she talks to you; look for nonverbal cues that show hurt, pain, or grief.

6. Listen carefully to your ex’s words

No matter how difficult it is, try to hear your ex’s thoughts and perspectives all the way to the end. Don’t try to convince her to think or feel a different way. Listen intently – without interrupting – until your ex has nothing else to say about you, your style of love, or your relationship. Put your feelings of guilt, remorse or pain aside. Your shame and regret shouldn’t be the focus of attention when you’re trying to save your relationship.

Convincing someone to give you a second chance is about setting aside your own viewpoint and trying to see your relationship from your ex’s perspective. A counselor would be able to help you work through your emotional issues so you can be open and honest with your ex.

7. Make a sweet gesture of love and reconciliation

how to convince someone to give you a second chance

Sending flowers is a cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason. It works! Flowers are uplifting, beautiful, fresh sign of love and new beginnings. A fresh bouquet of sunflowers, roses or seasonal blossoms is a traditional way to say “I’m sorry” and ask someone you love for forgiveness.

One of the most traditional ways of convincing someone to get back together is flowers. A surprise bouquet of flowers at work or home is a romantic, thoughtful gesture. Flowers – and chocolate! – are classic ways to say sorry and convince someone to give you a chance to prove your love. An ex-boyfriend sent me flowers at work once, and I’ll never forget it. Flowers are inexpensive and easy, and will change how your ex sees you.

Building a better relationship doesn’t happen overnight, especially if a partner was betrayed physically or emotionally. Sometimes it takes weeks for wounds to heal; other times, they never do. Healing and reconnecting takes conscious effort – but it’s worth it if you really want to make up with your ex.

convince someone to give you a second chance

You might also consider reading When Sorry Isn’t Enough: Making Things Right with Those You Love by Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas.

This book will teach you how to resolve conflict, soothe angry feelings, and offer apologies that are fully accepted. You’ll also learn how to rekindle love that has been dimmed by pain, and restore your relationship.

If you combine the information you learn in When Sorry Isn’t Enough with a beautiful bouquet of “please give me a second chance” flowers, you have a better chance of convincing someone to give you a second chance in a relationship.

What do you think – will you try to convince your ex to give you a second chance? Your comments are welcome below! I don’t give advice, but you may find it helpful to share your story. You may even list the pros and cons of getting back together. It may seem like a good idea…but some ideas are best left alone.

If you want to get back with your ex because you don’t want to be alone, read What if You Never Find Your Soulmate?


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56 thoughts on “How to Convince Someone to Give You a Second Chance”

  1. My ex is my daughters father. We didn’t get a fair chance the first time around. He hangs out a lot and acts almost as if he needs me. Over the last few months I am continuously catching him staring at me. Smiling at me. Giving me looks and trying to get physically close. We have talked a lot too. I brought up the possibility of us giving each other a second chance. He is now looking for a girlfriend to “help him heal from the last girl he was in love with!” Why do I not rate a second chance?

  2. I have proposed to a girl 3 years back but she rejected
    From then i didnt leave hope n loving n i didnt speak with her from 3 years without visiting because far distance
    N she blocked my fb account i thought it was block but it was nt actually block
    After three years i texted her n now she started a small conversation by saying let be frnds
    Can anyone say me solution to nt to miss her in life

  3. Hey I stumbled upon this article on searching ways to to convince my ex boyfriend to give me a second chance. We broke up about a week ago and it still feels like it was just yesterday. He said that things didn’t feel the same anymore… that was a punch to the chest! We were doing a long distance thing plus he has conflicting situations in life with his family and job. I may be at a desperate stage now but i wanna make things right & get back to that place where we once were.. where we laughed more than argued🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m gonna take these steps and give him that space. Because my excessive texting & calling only makes him pull away even more than he already has.. the thing is i feel as though i am running out of time since this is winter break & i will only be in town for a month.. I’ll only be a hour away now since I transferred somewhere closer… I don’t knoe how times i should give him or if i should just wait until he comes around..

  4. Hi,
    Me and my ex-girlfriend are broken up now for a month and a half now.. She has 2 children and can’t have anymore – And we addressed the issue from day 1 and never bothered me that she could not give me children of her own as I truly made her children my own.
    Her reason why she broke up with me was that she is going through a lot of stress at work and is taking it out on me (after a month’s rudeness from her I addressed it and the next day she broke up with me). But recently we spoke and the real reason she actually broke it off was because she asked me (a month before she started to get rude) to move in with her and I told her I think it is too soon and don’t want to rush things. So she assumed that I wasn’t committed in the relationship and so she retracted emotionally. I did notice it but assumed it was work stress and also I also retracted a bit emotionally..
    I honestly didn’t want to rush things because I was **** scared of losing her and the kids & I have never lived with a girlfriend before.. In my past relationships I rushed things and overly committed myself and that usually was the cause of the breakup…
    I explained all of this to her but she is still cold and doesn’t want to get back together.. I know that communication was our main fault in this..
    So, I really want her back and I have tried all I could to show her that I am committed towards her and the kids. She is appreciative of me helping out with the kids and wants me to be part of their lives (even when she broke it off) although we are just friends now..
    I have done some very special things last week for her and the kids, so now I decided to give her space to think about me..
    Am I doing the right thing to do NC until she contacts me? (Thought of giving her time to think and miss me)
    What should I do?
    Please help, I would marry her tomorrow! (I have gone through all the emotional stages of the breakup, I know I want them back).

    1. I have sent her this e-mail.

      Hi Katie,

      This letter won’t fix what’s broken between us, and maybe it never will.
      This letter is a sincere apology for my part that lead to our breakup.

      I know I made some big mistakes during our relationship, and I wanted to take full responsibility for those in this letter.

      I want you to know that I care deeply about you, and I always will. That part has never changed. The part that’s changed is that I realize how stupidly blind I was and I was actually the one letting you go..

      I only realized now that asking me to move in with you guys shows how completely committed you were towards me.
      Thank you that you were and I am SO sorry that I broke that trust, I feel horrible.
      Understanding your circumstances and what you have been through in the past makes me now completely understand why you withdrew, I would to.
      My lack of trust had created the wall that is now around your heart. I hope each and every brick will be broken by true love.
      I should have been more attentive, grateful and communicated my concerns rather than just being afraid of losing you.

      I should have known that things have changed between us due to me rejecting your offer. I was blind and thought it was stress. Not an excuse.
      I slacked and got into a comfort zone, not even noticing your cry out to me to show my commitment towards you and the kids. I was completely blind. I have no excuses.

      I have realized and learned so much from our breakup.
      I have made a commitment to myself to never hold back.
      The past isn’t there to harden our hearts but to learn how to love more & wiser.

      The biggest mistake I made was losing you.
      I don’t expect anything from you, I just want you to know that.

      I can’t deny that I still have strong feelings for you, and there always will be.

      I realised that I’d much rather be friends with you than completely losing you and the babies.
      I don’t want you to think that me being part of your and the babies lives is just to try to win your love back for me.
      I love them unconditionally.


      Thank you for opening my eyes to my faults, there truly is permanent lessons learned in difficult times.


      So glad we can be friends.

      1. her reply:

        “I did see your email. Thanks! I have just not had the time or head space to respond yet 😔 I’m sorry about that!
        Thank you for your heart felt words. I really so appreciate it and I appreciate that you understand my heart. I’m really sorry about everything but I glad that we can both grow from this experience. I appreciate your wanting to be friends and to be a part of the kids lives. I will never keep them from you.”

        I guess that means I should move on with my life… And I will.

  5. Hello! I stumbled upon this post while searching for ways to convince my husband to give me a chance. I messed up really bad, I took him for granted and been a really neat to him in the past months and all finished in a huge fight, during which I told him really bad words and told him to leave the house and threw things athim etc. I didn’t mean any of these things and it took the consequences of this big fight for me to realize how bad of a wife I was. I’ve put in my mind to change, to become happy and healthy, a great person my husband would love to be around to again… But I feel that I’m running out of time. He is still living with us (me and our baby), but keeps saying that he doesn’t feel at home here anymore, that it saddens him to come here every day after work and that he doesn’t know how long he will be able to keep it like this. He asked a few times for divorce and he keeps saying, loud and clear, that he doesn’t see as his wife anymore and that we can’t be together ever again. In the light of my new discoveries about how I was and how I can become, this situation is so heavy on my heart. I have apologized many times, we have discussed a few times, he started to communicate again and be gentle in speaking (not that furious anymore…), and we are growing warm towards each other, maybe even start a small flirt, and minutes after he’s shaking himself off these feelings and goes back to ground zero and stonewalling. I know that he is disappointed and scared that I will never change and, if we get back together, we will just fight, worse and worse.

    I don’t know, at this moment, how I can get him to see the change, to see that I can make him happy again. Will it work, if he will just see me around, maybe get to miss me and our moments, if he will feel positive energy coming from me? Does anyone else see that we can still have a chance? Is there any hope that I can convince him to give me a chance? I went to sleep last night with a little bit of hope, but I don’t need to go over my heard and fantasize, because he also said that he will never give me a chance and that I should stop trying, because I will just end up hating him for not answering.

    He also says that he is still in love with me and I can see it in him. I know that he is stonewalling me as a defense to not break his heart again. This situation has been like this for almost 3 weeks. I know that maybe even more time should pass..

    All I am asking is…can I hope? Is there anything that I can really do, to get things warm up inside him? I went to speak with a counselor and she suggested to become the woman he fell in love with (happy, full of joy and life) and even to try seducing him. I’ve tried to be positive around him, to smile more.often, make jokes and be a little but flirtatious. I don’t want to push things, because, although I see in his eyes that he still wants me, be he always runs away from me and doesn’t allow me to touch him not even on his hand.

    Any advices for me? Does anyone think that there is still hope to win him back? Do you think that a happy, healthy wife, the joy of our child, the positive energies I’m trying to bring in our home will make him reconsider? How can I make him feel home at home, again? I am always cooking, doing laundry, the house is clean, I am a baker so there’s always dessert…so what would work to give him this feeling again? I’d do anything, at this point, to prove him how much I need to change (and that I started to do so) and how much I need him around me, to see this and enjoy the new me! He’s saying that I should do the changes for me and for our daughter, to not think about him anymore, that everything is lost between us.

    Is there any chance? Is there anything that I could do? Thank you so much!

  6. I sent my ex a message to say I’m truely sorry for everything I did to make her unhappy (took her for granted and didnt give her the attention she deserved) I also told her how I was able to change and reinforced that it was a positive change that I’ll keep till the day I die) and I also thanked her coz I it wasn’t for her I’d never change. I received a reply saying glad ur moving on in a positive way. So that means she doesn’t accept the apology and doesn’t wana get back together when all I wish is that I can show her the affection and commitment she was lacking from me. I have such a special place in my heart for her and i would always treat her like a princess but she won’t allow herself to see it. I want to get her to agree to meet up with me so I can show her what iv become and to ask for a 2nd chance coz we both felt we had the perfect relationship till communication shortfalls crept up. I just dono what to do

  7. Is your boyfriend willing to give you a second chance, or does he want to move on with his life? If he wants to move on, then you need to let him go. Don’t hang on to a relationship that doesn’t exist anymore. You’ll find yourself desperate and begging your boyfriend for another chance, and you’ll hate yourself.

    If your boyfriend wants to give you a second chance to start fresh, he knows how to contact you. Give him a chance to miss you, and don’t push him to make a decision about your relationship. He’ll just feel pressured, and he’ll withdraw even more.

    Let him go. Find ways to heal your heart and soul, and create a new identity for yourself. Don’t chase after something that isn’t yours.

    You can do this. You can find strength and peace in God, if you only look upwards for healing and power, instead of backwards at the past.