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  • Is It Time to Break Up With Your Boyfriend?
    Sometimes you know for sure it’s time to break up, and sometimes you’re more confused than ever. These tips will help you know if it’s time that you and your boyfriend broke up. You’ll also learn how to cope with a breakup, and heal the hurt your heart will inevitably face.
  • 6 Tips for Dealing With Your Boyfriend’s Ex-Wife
    When you date a guy with an ex-wife from his previous marriage, you’re “dating” his whole family. Sometimes your boyfriend’s ex-wife is lovely…and sometimes she’s not. These six tips for dealing with your boyfriend’s ex-wife won’t solve all your problems, but they will help you see your relationship in a new light.
  • Emotionally Detaching From Someone You Love But Have to Let Go
    How do you distance or detach emotionally from someone you love, but can’t be with or have to let go of? Learn how a healthy emotional detachment can help you heal from a relationship breakup and recover yourself. This process will help you find freedom to love again in fresh, healthy ways!
  • Why Your Boyfriend Cheated: A Relationship Style That Leads to Affairs
    Learning about this type of relationship style will help you answer one of the most difficult questions of your life: “Why did my boyfriend cheat on me?” Your relationship didn’t cause your boyfriend to cheat — he chose to have an affair. But, your relationship style may have created an environment that set the stage […]
  • What to Remember When You Miss Your Husband
    Maybe all you can think is “I miss my husband” – and sometimes you even feel silly because you miss him so much! I don’t know exactly how you feel, but I know what it’s like to miss someone so much it feels like you’re missing a piece of yourself.
  • Are You Sad Because You Never Got Married?
    If you grew up wanting to get married, you may be struggling to cope with sadness and grief now – especially if you believe you’ll never get married. My three tips for dealing with sadness as a single woman are inspired by a She Blossoms reader. “For appearance’s sake I wish I could say I […]
  • 7 Ways to Deal With Guilty Feelings After a Breakup
    No matter how long you prepared for the breakup, you’ll still deal with guilty feelings. After all, you broke up with someone you once loved…and perhaps still do. But no matter what the circumstances of the breakup were, you must remember that guilt will eat you away and destroy your life if you let it fester and grow.
  • Is PMS Ruining Your Relationship?
    Coping with moodiness, bloat and tenderness caused by premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a pain – but it’s even worse when PMS symptoms cause problems in your relationship with your boyfriend or husband! My emotional and physical health tips will help stop PMS problems from ruining your relationship.
  • 7 Positive Ways to Deal With Breakup Stress
    Work, money, relationships, and daily hassles are common sources of stress — but a breakup is the worst stressor of all. How do you stay positive after a stressful breakup when you feel anxious, sad, lonely and tired?
  • How to Stop His Mom From Ruining Your Relationship
    You love your boyfriend, but his mother…yikes! How do you cope when all you can think is, “I hate my boyfriend’s mom”? Here’s how to stop your boyfriend’s mother from causing problems and ruining your relationship with the man you love.
  • How Do You Deal With the Silent Treatment in Your Relationship?
    Giving the silent treatment is one of the most common ways to avoid conflict in a relationship. Dealing with the silent treatment in marriage or any relationship is difficult because of its very nature! When your husband or boyfriend doesn’t want to talk to you, how do you solve the problem?
  • 10 Warning Signs of a Bad Relationship
    If you ignore these warning signs of bad relationships, you set yourself up for heartbreak and pain. It’s hard to accept your relationship isn’t healthy…but the sooner you face the truth, the more quickly you can move forward in your relationship and life.
  • How Do You Accept a Breakup You Didn’t Want?
    These four insights will help you get to acceptance, whether your breakup happened today or ten years ago. Accepting a breakup you didn’t want, expect or plan won’t be the easiest thing you ever do. But, learning how to accept that it’s really over will give you a new sense of freedom and peace in your life.
  • A Change of Heart – Blossom Tip 82
    When was the last time your heart was changed by something you saw, did, or felt? Maybe your heart was warmed when a friend called unexpectedly or a stranger helped you push a heavy shopping cart through a snowy parking lot. Maybe your heart was softened by a baby’s big eyes and smile, or lightened by a glimpse of God’s glory in a sunrise, burst of laughter, or sweet taste of strawberries.
  • The Problem With Secret Keeping – Blossom Tip 81
    Remember when keeping secrets was something to admire? When you were a kid, you learned that keeping secrets—especially about birthdays, school events, surprise parties and plans—was good. As an adult, keeping secrets can backfire. Especially if your secrets are dark, harmful, and holding you back.
  • If You Knew What God Knows About Your Body – Blossom Tip 80
    If we knew what He knows—if we could see the big picture with all the pieces—we would ask God for exactly what we have. Imagine that! If you knew what God knows, you would give yourself the exact same body, life and relationships you have right now.
  • Being Who You Were Called to Be – Blossom Tip 79
    As you get older, do you find it harder or easier to be who you were called to be?Maybe you find it harder because of loss, grief, pain and circumstance. Maybe you’re just too tired and far from your childhood self to think about being who you were called to be, much less blossom into who God created you to be.
  • Your Loudest and Deepest Desires – Blossom Tip 78
    Your loudest and deepest desires are natural, primal and purposeful. You deeply desire safety and security, peace and healing. You loudly desire freedom and joy, love and life! Those are good desires, and you’re right to want them.
  • Choosing to Travel Lightly – Blossom Tip 77
    Usually I write serious stuff. Practical tips, encouragement, information, and sometimes even exhortation to take responsibility for your life and choose to grow forward — even in an unwanted, unexpected season of life. Put on your big girl pants and blossom!
  • Blossoming Into Your Calling – Blossom Tip 76
    Blossoming into who God created you to be — acrobat or blogger, cardiologist or gardener — takes time. Patience. Nurturing, growing, learning, and taking little leaps of faith. But what do you do if you’re stuck, stalled, or haven’t even started? I started the “She Blossoms” blog and book family because I finally figured out […]
  • 3 Ways to Make Peace With Yourself – Blossom Tip 75
    I once found those kind of mistakes — though they were small and not terrible in the grand scheme of things — difficult to live with. I didn’t know how to make peace with myself, much less forgive myself.
  • Your Heart Changes Everything – Blossom Tip 74
    Your heart not only changes everything, it can be can be your biggest enemy. That’s why Proverbs 4:23 says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”
  • How to See a Fresh New You – Blossom Tip 73
    Are you tired of beating yourself up, of wishing you were better, stronger, smarter or happier? It’s time to see yourself with fresh new eyes – and to Blossom into who God created you to be.
  • How to Help a Teenager Move Out of Foster Care
    Leaving home is a huge life transition for anyone; helping a teen age out of foster care is particularly problematic! My tips on how to help a teenager move out of foster care are inspired by a question I received from Christina Dronen, a foster parent and teen advocate.
  • How to Love Even When You Know the Truth – Blossom Tip 72
    Visions of Vocation: Common Grace for the Common Good is one of the first books I’ve been assigned to read (I just started my Master of Divinity degree at Regent College in Vancouver, BC — though I think it should be called a “Servant of Divinity”! Not sure I’ll ever be equipped to master divinity, no matter how good the professors are).
  • Stop Being Scared and Start Leaping in Faith – Blossom Tip 71
    What was the last leap of faith you took? I bet you were scared. Maybe you’re taking a leap of faith right now. You’re starting a new season of life in a new job or at a new school or with a new partner. Maybe you’re learning how to live without someone you love, or you’re slowly letting go of a dear friend and companion.
  • Are You Tired of Blossoming Alone? Pen Pals – Blossom Tip 70
    One of the best ways to let go of your old doubts, fears and problems is to find someone new to talk to. Someone who doesn’t know the “old you”, someone who will encourage you to change and grow. A Blossom Pen Pal is a friend who will encourage you to blossom in a new season of life!
  • Making New Friends When You’re Brokenhearted – Blossom Tip 69
    It’s ironic, isn’t it? You need friends more than ever when your heart is broken. And yet it’s harder than ever to make new friends after a breakup, divorce, or death. You’re brokenhearted, sad, unmotivated, and tired. You may even feel worthless, unlovable, and empty.
  • 7 Success Strategies of Female Bible Heroes
    Strong Biblical women used different strategies to succeed — and we can learn success tips from every one of them. These seven female Bible heroes are Eve, Naomi, Ruth, Esther, Mary, Martha, and Mary of Nazarene.
  • How to Fill the Emptiness in Your Heart – Blossom Tip 68
    We’re starting a new season together — and there would be no “we” without you! I’m so glad you’re here, especially if you feel empty of heart and alone in your home.
  • Growing Forward in a New Season – Blossom Tip 67
    What new season is unfolding in your life? Maybe you’re walking into something unknown — a fresh semester at school, different routine at work, unfamiliar rhythm at home — and you don’t know what to expect. Maybe you’re grieving a loss, saying goodbye to an old friend, letting go of unaccomplished goals.
  • When You Feel Crumpled and Worn – Blossom Tip 66
    Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way. We feel as though we are worthless. But no matter what has happened or what will happen, you will never lose your value in God’s eyes.
  • 5 Things I Learned From My Muslim Little Sister
    Seven years ago — after my husband and I discovered we can’t have kids — I applied to be a volunteer mentor with Big Sisters/Big Brothers. This nonprofit organization matches adults (“Bigs”) with youth (“Littles”) and supports the friendship. I first learned about it 35 years earlier when I myself was a Little in Saskatoon, […]
  • How Did You Meet Him? Blossom Tip 65
    Join me in congratulating Holly, Judy, Gina, Jean, and Julie! They each won a free copy of Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back by entering my Free Book Give-Away for She Blossoms Readers – Blossom Tip 64.
  • Free Book Give-Away for She Blossoms Readers – Blossom Tip 64
    To win a free print copy of my new book Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back, tell me something about yourself in the comments section below. You might share how you found my She Blossoms blogs, what your favorite color is, what you ate for breakfast, or if you’re an introvert or an extrovert.
  • How to Break Free From a Toxic Ex Relationship
    These practical, effective tips for finding freedom after a breakup will help you get over an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband. Breaking free – especially from a toxic ex relationship that is destroying your self-identity – doesn’t have to take months or years.
  • 15 Travel Gifts for Christian Newlyweds
    These travel gifts and ideas are perfect for Christian couples who are newly married – even if they aren’t going on a honeymoon yet. Each gift is both practical and thoughtful, and will build anticipation for a special, exciting honeymoon. The best travel gifts for newlywed Christians bring them together as a couple and create […]
  • The Secret to Keeping Your Hope Alive – Blossom Tip 63
    Before we talk about nourishing hope and faith — which can be hard in the holiday season — I have a Public Service Announcement about our free “She Blossoms” calendar. 🙂 A new and improved version of the calendar is coming, so don’t print your copy yet! An eagle-eyed reader pointed out a typo in […]
  • What to Feed Your Heart and Your Free Gift – Blossom Tip 62
    Thank you so much for sending me your encouragement and prayers! I’m finally back to my old self again, working at full capacity with my usual energy and enthusiasm. Even if you didn’t email me directly, you matter more than you know. Every week I scroll through my She Blossoms newsletter list, hovering like the […]
  • Starting Over When Life Knocks You Down – Blossom Tip 61
    Have you ever been in a car accident? I can only imagine how painful it must be! I accidentally bumped into a parked car once — while walking — and was shocked at how much that little tap hurt. Life knocks us down in all sorts of ways, on all sorts of days. Not every […]
  • What to Remember When You’re Left Behind – Blossom Tip 60
    Did you know elephants grieve when one of their herd dies? Scientists say it’s because they live for approximately 70 years and develop strong bonds. Long, close relationships make death difficult. Yesterday I saw death. And I discovered that elephants aren’t the only animals who grieve. I’m back from my Portugal vacation — my broken […]
  • How to Keep Going When Life is Hard – Blossom Tip 59
    When I travel — like now in Portugal — I pack light. Wearing the same clothes doesn’t bother me the way it used to. This morning, however, was special. I dug out a fresh pair of trousers and a clean shirt (I’m wearing my husband’s button up dress shirts because my broken shoulder is still […]
  • How to Always Be Happy – Blossom Tip 58
    Greetings from Tomar, Portugal! Earlier today I explored the Convento de Cristo —  a 12th-century castle that was formerly a Knights Templar, monastery, and convent. It kinda made me want to be a nun, cloistered and focused on God. But then I wouldn’t be able to travel…and exploring castles makes me happy. Yesterday I climbed […]
  • What to Do While You’re Waiting – Blossom Tip 57
    What’s the longest you’ve waited for something? Maybe it was an hour for a bus, or a week for test results. Maybe it was a month for a job offer, or a year for a husband. Maybe it was a decade for a loved one to return, or a lifetime for a prayer to be answered. […]
  • 5 Keys to Being Happy When You’re Alone
    These five “Blossom Tips” for being happy when you’re alone will help you find the sweet spot. You’ve been lonely and searching for happiness for long enough! It’s time to learn how to be happy in the garden you’re planted in and flourish into the woman God created you to be. “I have been alone […]
  • When God Doesn’t Restore a Broken Relationship
    A broken relationship is one of life’s most painful experiences. Whether it’s a breakup, divorce or death – losing someone you love breaks your heart. Your first and most natural reaction might be to ask God to restore your relationship, especially if the breakup or separation was unexpected.
  • 5 Ways to Stop Feeling Jealous of Other People’s Relationships
    Feeling jealous of a friend’s happiness is normal – especially if you lost your husband, broke up with your boyfriend, or have never fallen in love. You want to be happy for your friend’s relationship but you don’t know how to deal with your jealousy. Not only are you normal, you are not alone. “Am […]
  • Healing Emotional Numbness After Losing Someone You Love
    Feeling emotionally numb is normal after someone you love dies. But if you get stuck in this part of the grieving process, you can’t heal, grow forward, or find happiness. Here are a few ideas for handling the emotional numbness that often accompanies grief. Emotional numbness may be normal, but it’s also scary and confusing. […]
  • How to Stop Feeling Unlovable After a Breakup
    Feeling unlovable, unworthy, and unwanted is normal after a breakup. But just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it’s inevitable! Here’s how to stop feeling unlovable after a breakup and start feeling happy again. I thought nobody could love me when my boyfriend broke up with me. I felt alone and ugly inside and out, and […]
  • What to Do When You Need a Hug
    “I need more hugs! I miss being held and kissed,” said Michaela. “Nobody talks about the lack of a physical relationship after a breakup.” When you lose a man you love after a breakup, divorce, or death you aren’t prepared for the loss of physical intimacy and affection. You miss his hugs, kisses, love and […]
  • 7 Easy Ways to Stop Negative Thinking After a Breakup
    Sometimes you are your own worst enemy after a breakup – such as when you allow negative thoughts to control your mood and mind. These tips on how to stop negative thinking will help you regain control of your life. After breaking up, you can feel better about yourself than you ever have before! Breaking up […]
  • When You Miss Him Like Crazy
    Whether you’re coping with a breakup or a long distance relationship, sometimes all you can think is “I miss him like crazy.” You’re overwhelmed with loneliness, perhaps missing him so much you can barely get off the floor. Here’s how She Blossoms reader is dealing with her boyfriend’s absence: “My boyfriend and I started living […]
  • Getting Out of the “Couples Mindset” After a Breakup
    How do you live alone after being half of a couple for so long? These tips for getting out of the “couples mindset” will encourage and inspire you. You’ll see you’re not alone, and discover a few ideas for moving on. “When you have been functioning in life as one-half of a couple, you become […]
  • How to Stop Believing Lies About Yourself
    You know you’re not worthless, stupid, or lazy but you don’t know how to stop believing the lies about yourself. You know there is good in you, but you haven’t learned how to hold on to the truth. You want to feel and think better about who you are, but you just don’t know how. […]
  • What to Do After Your Girlfriend’s or Wife’s Mom Dies
    A reader asked for tips on how to help his girlfriend cope with her mother’s death. There isn’t one right thing to say or do after a mom dies, but there are many little ways to show your love and support. I wrote Heartwarming Sympathy Gifts for Someone Whose Mom Died a couple years ago, […]
  • When You Feel Guilty for Moving On
    You know you need to move on with your life, but you feel guilty. You may even want to move on because you know it’s time, but you don’t know how. What does “moving on” even mean? How do you bring the good parts of the past – the lessons, growth and insights – into […]
  • How to Stop Attracting Emotionally Unavailable Men
    You want to be in a good relationship with the right man, yet you keep attracting men who aren’t available. Maybe you even feel like you’re dating the same man over and over! Different name, same problems. Perhaps he’s emotionally unavailable, financially bankrupt, or even married to another woman. “Why do I keep attracting men […]
  • What to Do When You Feel Unloved and Unwanted
    Even if you’re married or in a good relationship, you’ll still struggle with feelings of being unloved and unwanted. It’s normal, because even the best man in the world can’t fill the emptiness – and neither can marriage, children, a good career, or money. That’s the bad news. But wait, there’s good news! I have […]
  • An Easy Way to Start Mending Your Broken Heart 
    When a relationship ends, some people quickly bounce back. Others take longer, and still others never pick up the pieces of their broken hearts. Feeling stuck and lonely is no way to live – or to Blossom into who you were created to be! Why do some people heal faster than others? Maybe they know […]
  • Accepting the End of a Relationship You Want to Keep
    How do you accept a breakup that blindsided you? Even if you suspected your relationship was ending, you wanted to keep it alive. You were holding on with hope and faith. Now that it’s over, you’re having trouble moving on. Learning how to accept the end of a relationship – especially one you wanted to […]
  • 3 Tips for Dealing With a Secret Relationship
    You’re secretly involved with the wrong guy: a boss, married man, teacher or coach at school, or your friend’s boyfriend. You know it’s an unhealthy relationship. You can’t talk about him with your friends or family. These tips for dealing with secret unhealthy relationships will help you break free. Are you thinking about ending this […]
  • How to Prepare Your Heart to Fall in Love Again
    Healing your heart after a breakup or death is the first stage of moving on. The second stage is preparing your heart for a new relationship. How do you take the risk of falling in love again after being hurt in the past? Two She Blossoms readers recently asked for help getting healthy. They want […]
  • 5 Ways to Stop Wanting Him Back After the Breakup
    The breakup had to happen, yet it breaks your heart. You can’t stop wanting him back! These tips will help you move forward without your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband, and inspire you to walk into a new season of life. After a breakup or divorce, you can’t just merrily move on with your life. Unfortunately, it […]
  • 4 Ways to Be Calm When You Meet Your Ex and His New Partner
    What do you say to your ex’s new partner when you meet for the first time? How do you cope with your feelings of anxiety, anger and insecurity? Meeting your the new girlfriend or new wife won’t be the easiest moment of your life…but it may not be as painful as you think. One of […]
  • How to Be Happy Alone After Your Relationship Ends
    Imagine being happier after a breakup – or even a divorce – than you were before! It may sound unbelievable, but it is possible. These five tips on how to be alone and happy after your relationship ends will give you a strong foundation of peace, joy, and freedom. I wrote this article for a […]
  • How to Love an Emotionally Unavailable Man 
    You’re in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man – and you love him too much to leave. You are not alone, even if he doesn’t show his emotions.  In this article, you’ll find 10 tips on how to love a man who isn’t available emotionally. Here’s what a wife wrote on one of my articles […]
  • How to Live With a Husband You Wish You Never Married
    You thought you knew the man you married, but you didn’t find out who your husband really was until after the wedding. How do you live with – and love – a husband you wish you never married? These 101 quick tips will help you fall in love with your husband, fix your marriage, and […]
  • 5 Ways to Respond When Your Boyfriend Stops Texting You
    At the beginning of your relationship, your boyfriend texted all the time. But gradually – or suddenly – he started texting you less. Did your boyfriend lose interest? Why isn’t he sending as many text messages? And, what should you do? Here’s what one frustrated girlfriend says: “My boyfriend used to text me and call me […]
  • 5 Signs of God’s Blessing on Your Relationship
    One of the best ways to see signs of God’s blessing on your relationship is to look at a marriage that wasn’t blessed by God. Step away from your emotions; take hold of the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Put your desperate (and normal!) yearnings for love aside; learn from the word of God. In […]
  • How to Start Forgiving Your Mom for Hurting You
    What’s the best gift to give your mom on Mother’s Day – or any day of the year? Forgiveness. Learning how to forgive your mother for hurting you will change your relationship with her. Even better, forgiveness will free your heart and soul from the burden of anger, bitterness, and guilt. “Since I was young […]
  • How to Heal Your Heart After Your Marriage Falls Apart
    “My marriage fell apart and I’m scared my heart will never heal,” says a She Blossoms reader. She asked for help coping after her husband left her, and for ideas on how to trust God for healing her broken heart. She knows God has a plan for her…but what is it? How will she find […]
  • How to Heal After Losing the Only Man You Ever Loved  
    Moving on after you lose the only man you’ve ever loved may be the hardest thing you ever do…and the most important. These tips for healing a broken heart are intended for relationship and marriage breakups, but they apply to different types of losses as well. You’re not alone – no matter how you lot […]
  • How to Get Over an Ex-Boyfriend You See at Work Everyday
    Work breakups are painful because seeing him every day makes it more difficult to forget and move on. Seeing your ex-boyfriend at work every day also reopens old wounds and stirs up painful thoughts and emotions. How do you get over an ex you work with? Most breakup articles — mine included — encourage women to […]
  • How to Protect Yourself From Being Used in a Relationship
    Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re being kind and loving in a relationship, or if a man is using you. How do you protect yourself from being walked all over — especially when you’re in love? Love is blind; you can’t see as clearly and you’re less able to make rational, level-headed decisions. That’s […]
  • 5 Reasons to Take Your “Couples Vacation” After an Unexpected Breakup 
    You planned a trip as a couple, but your relationship suddenly ended. The breakup not only broke your heart, it ruined your vacation plans! Should you cancel your trip, or take the vacation with a friend or family member? Before we jump into my reasons why you should take your planned vacation — especially after […]
  • How to Forgive Your Husband for Cheating While He Was Alive
    After her husband died, Kate found out her husband was having an affair. How do you cope with your husband’s death — and forgive him for cheating on you while he was alive? Here’s my reader’s comment: “Nobody has addressed being married to husband who died, then finding out he cheated with a coworker for […]
  • When You Feel Scared You’ll Never Be Loved
    “How to overcome fear” is our theme on She Blossoms this week. What do you do when you feel scared you’ll never be loved? It’s a natural, normal fear that we all struggle with. Every day I get comments and questions about coping with the fear of being alone. Here’s what one reader said on […]
  • 5 Ways to Stop Protecting Yourself From Falling in Love
    Two She Blossoms readers recently asked for tips on how to get rid of fear in relationships. In this article you’ll learn how to stop protecting yourself from falling in love, and why it’s time to consider new ideas for committing to a healthy relationship. Here’s what one reader said: “I’m scared to fall in […]
  • Celebrating a Birthday After Your Relationship Falls Apart
    You may not be celebrating a happy birthday this year, but my tips for blossoming after a breakup will help! Whether your relationship recently ended or fell apart years ago, your birthday won’t be as bright or cheerful as it was when you were together…but it can still be good. Your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband may […]
  • 5 Tips for Trusting Your Intuition in a New Relationship
    Your gut instincts or intuition can be a reliable source of information when you’re starting a new relationship. But how do you trust your intuition if you never learned how — or if you trusted your instincts in the past and made a huge mistake? Recently I wrote a blog post called How to Trust […]
  • How to Leave Your Partner When You Live Together
    These tips will help you Blossom by giving your the hope and inspiration you need to leave your boyfriend when you’re living together. Ending a relationship is never easy; leaving a partner you love and live with might be the most difficult thing you’ve ever done. If you have children together, figuring out how to […]
  • How to Trust Your Intuition After a Failed Relationship
    Maybe you’ve heard advice about “trusting your instincts” when you’re in love, but how do you trust your intuition after a failed relationship? After all, your instincts brought you into a past relationship that fell apart. How do you know if can trust yourself to start a new relationship? More importantly, how do you know how […]
  • How to Overcome Setbacks to Healing a Broken Heart 
    Every loss, breakup, and healing process involves discouraging and sometimes painful setbacks. Healing your broken heart after a breakup or loss is no different. But take heart, for you are growing forward. “Grief is not a mountain that you climb, go over the top, and then climb back down the other side so that you’re […]
  • 6 Ways to Avoid Repeating Your Past Relationship Mistakes
    Staying in a relationship too long, picking the wrong man, and ignoring red flags are three of the most common relationship mistakes — and I’ve made them all! Here’s how to avoid repeating your past mistakes, plus tips for making new, better, healthier ones. Because, let’s face it, we’ll never stop making mistakes. No matter […]
  • 5 Signs Your Heart is Healing After a Breakup
    Take heart, for you may healthier and happier than you think – even though you’re still searching for breakup advice because your heart is broken! These five signs of healing after a breakup will give you hope and encouragement to keep moving forward. First, a sprinkle of advice from a reader whose heart is more […]
  • How to Decide What to Do About a Troubled Relationship
    Whether your troubled relationship is a difficult marriage, uncomfortable work situation or toxic family drama, these steps will help you decide what to do. First, here’s a comment from a reader who took too long to make a decision about her troubled marriage: “I’ve been separated from my husband for a year,” says Tonya on […]
  • How to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself After He Leaves
    Feeling sorry for yourself when a relationship ends – especially after your boyfriend or husband leaves you – is a normal response. But who wants to struggle with self-pity for months or even years after a breakup? Certainly not you! These ideas on how to stop feeling sorry for yourself will help you pick up the […]
  • 3 Ways to Stop Feeling Lost Without a Relationship
    After a breakup – or any type of relationship loss – you don’t just miss the person’s physical presence. You miss the feeling of having that relationship in your life. You miss the emotional stability, physical security, and familiarity of knowing your boyfriend or best friend was there. You miss him or her, but you […]
  • When You Want to Believe He Can’t Live Without You
    Deep down you know your heart will eventually heal, but right now you feel like you’ll die without him. Here’s what to do when all you want is to believe he loves you so much that he can’t live without you — whether he was your boyfriend for a year, your husband for a decade, […]
  • When God Says No to the Desires of Your Heart
    Having a baby was the desire of my heart; I was 42 when God said no. I prayed, hoped, and believed that God would give me the desires of my heart. Over two decades of wondering, believing, and relying on God’s strength to keep moving forward. We tried fertility treatments, acupuncture, herbal remedies and all […]
  • How to Do the Only Thing You Ever Wanted to Do
    You don’t need advice about your relationship, job, family life, or parenting skills. You already know what you want and need to do! The problem is that you don’t know how. You also might be struggling to find the motivation, courage, and strength to actually do it. “The purpose of this book is to remind […]
  • How to Break Your Addiction to a Toxic Relationship
    The book Exaholics: Breaking Your Addiction to an Ex Love explains why romantic relationships are addictive. Here, you’ll learn how to break your addiction to a toxic relationship. The first and most important step is to understand how love affects your brain chemistry. “When you fall in love, it sets your limbic system ablaze,” writes […]
  • 10 Reasons You Can’t Face the Truth About Your Relationship
    Accepting the truth about someone you love is painful, even if you know he isn’t good for you. These ten reasons you can’t face the truth about your relationship will help you see him — and yourself — in a different light. Sometimes we know the truth deep down, but we don’t want to admit […]
  • 9 Signs You Found the Lifetime Love of a Soulmate
    These nine signs you found your soulmate will help you hold on to a good relationship – or let go of an unhealthy one. Finding the love of your life happens quickly for some couples. For others, it takes a lifetime. Before we find out if your boyfriend, husband or boss really is your soulmate, […]
  • How to Trust God After a Heartbreaking Loss
    When you’re dealing with death, divorce or a difficult time, the hardest thing is to keep trusting in God — and in His plan for your life. A heartbreaking loss feels like it ruined your life. It can take years to truly recover and heal, and even longer to start trusting God again. You are […]
  • 5 Ways to Stop Fear From Ruining a Relationship
    You want to start a new relationship, but your fear of getting hurt is stopping you from taking a leap of love and faith. The past is over, but it’s still affecting how you think, feel, and relate to potential new partners in your life. “I’m so afraid of getting hurt again,” said Rick on […]
  • How to Recreate Yourself After a Relationship Ends
    The end of a relationship is never easy – even when you expected to break up. It hurts to say goodbye; it takes time to recreate yourself and move forward. But, all endings bring new beginnings. If you choose, a breakup can help you blossom into who God created you to be. Recreating yourself after a […]
  • 8 Tips for Redecorating Your Home After a Breakup
    Changing your environment – redecorating your home – is one of the best ways to heal your heart and soul after a breakup! You can start over with inexpensive furnishings and small things to cheer up your bedroom, living room, and kitchen. These tips will lift your spirits and soothe your soul. I’m not a […]
  • Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds – But This Does
    It’s not true that time heals all wounds. Time alone won’t heal your broken heart after a breakup or ease your grief after you lose someone you love. Time can’t heal the wounds of your past — even if those wounds are decades old. Think back to your childhood. Your most painful memories are burned […]
  • What to Do While You’re Waiting for the Right Relationship
    You feel ready to meet the right man and start building the right relationship. What do you do while you’re waiting? These tips will help you tidy up the emotional and spiritual loose ends, and help you grow forward while waiting for Mr Right. First things first: let go of the past. Learn how to […]
  • Why It Feels Impossible to Let Go of Someone You Love
    When you understand why letting go of someone you love feels impossible and more painful than anything you ever imagined, you’ll find yourself moving towards acceptance and freedom. Here you’ll find four of the most common reasons women hold on to the past, ranging from unrealistic expectations to fear of the future. If you recognize […]
  • 9 Solutions to Your Relationship Problems
    How long have you been struggling with – or avoiding – your relationship problems? These solutions to even the worst difficulties in your relationship will help you move forward, grow, Blossom! Before you scroll through my solutions to your relationship problems, take a moment to think. Pause. Put the phone down, lean back from your […]
  • When He Just Wants to Be Friends – But You Want More
    Why does he only want to be friends when you know you’d be great together as a couple? You and he get along perfectly, you laugh and talk, your values and beliefs are aligned, your friends agree that you were meant to be together and everything is perfect — of course you want more than […]
  • 10 Conversation Starters to Help You Talk to Your Girlfriend
    Talking to your girlfriend will be easy and interesting with these conversation starters! And guess what? It’s easier than you think to find topics to discuss with your girlfriend at night, during the day, and even in text messages. Here, you’ll learn why you need to be curious about who she is, what she thinks, […]
  • How to Move on From an Ex You Still Love
    Your heart is asking “Does he miss me?” but your head knows it’s time learn how to move on from an ex boyfriend. You’re still in love, you miss him and you want him back, but you know this relationship is over. Maybe you even know, deep down, that it’s better that he’s not in […]
  • How to Write an Obituary for Your Relationship
    Are you struggling to find relationship closure after a breakup? Writing a “relationship obituary” will help heal your heart after breaking up with someone you love, miss, and feel like you can’t live without. I discovered the idea of writing an obituary for a relationship while revising How to Let Go of Someone You Love. […]
  • How to Forgive Him for Breaking Your Heart
    The relationship is over and your heart is broken. You trusted him and you loved him…how do you forgive him for breaking your heart? Maybe you feel stuck, like you’ll never get over this or be happy again. You may even feel embarrassed and ashamed by how your relationship ended, or foolish because you should’ve […]
  • 3 Ways to Stop Your Relationship From Falling Apart
    “Why do my relationships always fall apart, fail, self-destruct?” is one of the most common relationship questions I get. That, and “How can I save my relationship from falling apart?” I have good news, and I have bad news… The problem with this question is that there is no number one reason relationships fall apart. […]
  • How to Deal With Regret After a Breakup
    Ending a relationship hurts, and post-breakup regret is natural. These tips for dealing with regret after a relationship ends will help you let go of the past and move toward a happier future. But first – why is crucial for you to start coping with your regret? Because your physical health is at stake. Research […]
  • 6 Reasons You Get Stuck in Unhealthy Relationships
    Learning why you get stuck in unhealthy relationships will help you move one step closer to freedom, peace, and joy. These reasons women feel trapped in bad or unhappy relationships will help you see yourself – and your partner – in a different light. Sometimes you can be painfully aware of all the signs he […]
  • How to Fix a Love-Hate Relationship
    The helplessness and frustration of loving someone you hate can create serious problems in your life. These tips on how to fix a love-hate relationship were inspired by a reader. The Blossom Tips in this article will help you face the truth about your relationship. While you’re reading them, think about these questions: How is […]
  • 5 Signs It’s Time to Give Up Hope for Your Relationship
    Should you stop hoping in your relationship? These signs it’s time to give up hope that your relationship will change are based on an excellent book by Dr Henry Cloud. I also describe the difference between wishful thinking and healthy reasons to hope for change. You believe in your relationship…but are you hoping for a […]
  • How to Live by Faith and Heal Your Broken Heart
    When your heart is broken after a breakup, living by faith is all you have. In this article you’ll find additional strength to survive, hope to continue, and help letting go of the past. These tips on how to live by faith after breaking up are inspired by a She Blossoms reader called Sue. “I […]
  • How to Live Without Your Boyfriend or Husband
    “I can’t live without him” is one of the most common comments on my She Blossoms blogs. These tips on how to live without him are practical and effective ways to let go of someone you love – whether your husband died or divorced you, or your boyfriend betrayed or broke up with you. “My […]
  • 7 Ways to Help Your Unhappy Husband
    Here are the two best ways to help an unhappy husband, plus several tips for improving your marriage. When you said your wedding vows you assumed you’d have a happy husband and marriage…but life is filled with surprises! Some not so happy. These tips on how to love an unhappy husband will help you support […]
  • Healing From an Affair in a Christian Marriage
    Not even a Christian marriage is safe from infidelity, affairs, and cheating spouses. A pastor’s wife asked for help healing from an affair; her experience inspired me to write this article. “I must be doing something wrong, for my pain seems to get worse by the day,” says Samantha on How to Heal Your Heart […]
  • 3 Reasons You Can’t Stop Loving Him
    Here’s why you can’t stop loving your boyfriend or husband even though he’s not good for you. I also share tips on how you can let him go, find yourself, and live in joy and freedom. I’ve written thousands of relationship articles on my She Blossoms blog, and I get hundreds of comments and questions […]
  • How to Respond When Your Boyfriend Makes No Effort
    You love your boyfriend, but he doesn’t make an effort in your relationship. Here’s what to do when you start to wonder about his feelings for you. Does your boyfriend still love you? Why isn’t he trying harder to show how much he cares? What do you do when your boyfriend makes no effort to […]
  • 5 Ways to Heal Emotional Pain After Losing Someone You Love
    If you find it comforting to know you’re not alone, then you’ll be comforted here. These tips on how to heal your emotional pain are inspired by a man who lost his wife a year ago. He’s one of the kindest, gentlest souls I’ve ever met, and his story is the most sadly romantic one […]
  • 7 Ways to Take Care of Yourself Through the Divorce Process
    Divorce proceedings are killer – emotionally, spiritually, socially, financially. These tips on how to take care of yourself through the divorce process will help you avoid overwhelm and burnout. I’m writing this for you…and a reader who asked for help takin care of herself while divorcing her husband. “Three months ago my husband of 27 […]
  • 5 Ways to Stop Obsessing About Him
    Obsessive love is powerful – and destructive – because your heart is captivated. When you can’t stop thinking about him, your life is ruled by an impossible relationship. That’s the bad news. But wait – there’s good news! You CAN stop the destructive train wreck of obsessive love, and you can get emotionally and spiritually healthy […]
  • How to Get Over the One That Got Away
    The truth? You’ll never fully get over “the one that got away.” The consolation? You can learn how to live in peace, acceptance, and even joy — even without someone you thought would always be part of your life. Sometimes we think we’re living in the present, but we’re actually surrounded by ghosts of the past. […]
  • What to Do When Your Ex Boyfriend Unfriends You on Facebook
    When your ex boyfriend unfollows or unfriends you on Facebook, you feel the pain of breaking up all over again. These tips on coping when your ex unfriends or unfollows you on social media will help rebuild your self-confidence and heal from the heartache of a breakup. “Your feelings will pass and life after the […]
  • How to Move On From a Relationship When You’re Still in Love
    Healing after a breakup isn’t easy even when you’re ready to let go – but when you’re still in love, moving on from a relationship feels impossible. Here you’ll find three creative ways to accept the breakup and start over, plus tips for Blossoming in a new season of your life. You may not have […]
  • 7 Ways to Pick Up the Pieces of Your Broken Heart
    The man you built your life around is gone, and you’re struggling to figure out how to move on from a broken heart. These ideas for Blossoming after a relationship ends will help you step into a new season of your life. Have you been pretending that everything is okay? You get out of bed in […]
  • What to Expect When You End a Relationship
    Leaving someone you once loved can bring unexpected surprises – some good, some bad. Here’s what to expend when you end a relationship, plus tips for coping with the fallout. This article was inspired by a comment a reader left on one of my most popular articles… “I know my boyfriend wants to end our relationship but […]
  • How to Let Go of a Past Relationship
    The person you loved – and lost – will always be tucked away in your heart. These tips for letting go of a past relationship will help you remember the best of your love while you heal and move forward. “I wish I’d read your ideas for letting go of a first love when I […]
  • When the Man You Married Changed – and Not for Better
    Your husband isn’t the same man you married, and it’s unsettling – or downright scary. Read my tips for coping when your husband is different than he was before, and start Blossoming into the woman God created you to be. “My husband isn’t the man I married and it scares me,” says Alice on How […]
  • When Your Husband Returns From Combat – The Warrior Soul
    The physical, emotional, and spiritual “soul damage” of war, combat experience, or military service is part of the battle you and your military husband will face when he comes home from active duty. Surviving and healing from the trauma and violence won’t be the most romantic thing you face as a married couple, but it […]
  • How to Cope With Heartache After the Break Up
    Here’s the best tip for coping with heartache after a break up – even if you regret it and wish you were back together: stop trying to convince yourself that you need to heal. Stop trying to mend your broken heart, stop talking about how you need to move on, and stop searching the internet […]
  • 5 Ways to Survive “No Contact” in a Relationship
    Whether you’re coping with a breakup or a temporary separation, surviving “no contact” in a relationship feels terrible. These tips will help you find hope and healing, peace and rest. I gathered both practical and emotional strategies for living without contacting someone you love. The first tip is from a woman who made the painful […]
  • 8 Signs He Stopped Loving You
    Are you picking up signals that your boyfriend’s (or husband’s) feelings have changed? These eight signs he doesn’t love you will show you how he really feels. You are worthy of being loved…and you need to know if his feelings have changed so you can start learning how to cope with whatever unfolds in your life. […]
  • How to Help Your Alcoholic Husband Stop Drinking
    These nine ways to help a husband who drinks too much are from my work in a residential recovery program for men who are alcoholics and drug addicts. I was also inspired to write this post by a reader, who is searching for ways to cope with her alcoholic husband… “I’m so confused, I love my husband very […]
  • What to Do When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Have Time for You
    If you feel neglected and lonely because your boyfriend doesn’t spend time with you, it’s time to push the pause button. Here’s what to do when your boyfriend doesn’t make time for you or your relationship. You don’t have to sit back and wait for him. You have more power than you think! I was […]
  • How to Fill the Emptiness When You Miss Your Ex
    The emptiness that fills your heart and soul when you miss your ex boyfriend or husband can feel overwhelming. You are not alone; I wrote this article for a reader who says, “I miss my ex more than I ever believed possible.” The good news is you can find a million ideas on how to […]
  • 11 Ways to Stop Being the “Clingy Girlfriend” in a Relationship 
    Needy girlfriends are suffocating and unappealing – both to themselves and to their boyfriends! Learn how to stop being clingy in a relationship, and how to start Blossoming into the woman you know deep down you’re meant to be. You were created to love and be loved, to give your heart and to receive a […]
  • 7 Ideas for Living Single After a Serious Relationship Ends
    I won’t lie to you: learning how to be single after the end of a serious relationship isn’t a quick or easy process. But, it is a worthwhile journey – and you will emerge happier and healthier than you ever thought possible. “I was in a serious relationship for seven years,” says Corinne on 7 […]
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    A new relationship is both scary and exciting, risky and rewarding! It’s even better when you trust your new partner. These tips on how to know if you can trust a new boyfriend are inspired by a reader who says… “I’m a 32 year old woman, I’ve been in several relationships, and even though some […]
  • Is the Affair Really Over? 5 Signs He Will Cheat on You Again
    He swears the affair is over, but how do you know if he’ll cheat on you again? Here’s how to see beyond what your boyfriend or husband is really saying – and how to trust that still small voice inside you. “It’s been six months since I found out my husband was cheating with his […]
  • When You Know It’s Over But You Can’t Say Goodbye
    Ending a relationship isn’t easy or painless – even when you know it’s over. Here’s how to cope when you feel like you can’t say goodbye but you know you have to. I wrote this article for a reader who knows her relationship has no future, but is having trouble accepting the truth… “I have […]
  • Rebuilding Trust in a Relationship After a Secret Love Affair 
    The end of a secret love affair is the beginning of a new stage of life! Whether you’re rebuilding trust in a relationship or starting fresh, these tips will help you recover after the end of the affair. “I found the strength I needed to end a secret affair,” says Mary on How to Break Up […]
  • 9 Ways to Find Your Life Purpose After a Sad Breakup
    What makes a sad breakup worse? Having nothing to look forward to. These gentle ways to find your life purpose will comfort, encourage, and help you let go of a relationship that meant everything to you. I wrote this article for a reader who is struggling to get over a sad breakup. “I’d stop thinking about my […]
  • How to Get Away From an Abusive Husband After 20 Years of Marriage
    There are no “quick tips” for leaving an abusive husband after 20 years of marriage. But there is good news: you’re still here, and there is hope! You are not alone. I was inspired to write this article by a strong, brave woman who is ready to talk about the abuse her husband has been […]
  • How to Get Through a Breakup When You’re Still in Love
    Breaking up was the right thing to do, but your heart aches. Here’s how to get through a breakup when you’re still in love with him, you miss him, and you wish your relationship could have turned out differently… “I broke up with my boyfriend of six years, and I know it was the right […]
  • When You Don’t Feel Good Enough for Your Husband
    Learning how to deal with feelings of low self-worth and insecurity in your marriage will change everything! Here’s what to do when you feel like you’re not good enough for your husband – I was inspired to write this article for a wife who was brave enough to share how her husband makes her feel. […]
  • Why You Need to Talk About Your Husband’s Affair – and Who to Tell
    Talking about your husband’s affair will help you recover and heal. Here’s how to find someone to talk to – and how to cope with your feelings of shame and embarrassment that your husband was unfaithful. “I have been married for 10 years, my husband and I have two children,” says Carly on How to […]
  • Should You Stay Together for the Children? What You Need to Know
    These insights and information will help you decide if you should stay together for the children. The effects of divorce on kids can be serious and long-lasting – but so can the impact of growing up in a home with parents who are unhealthy, disconnected, or abusive. Meet the reader who inspired me to write this article; she’s a wife […]
  • How to Live Without the Man You Love
    You won’t find quick and easy tips on how to live without the man you love – because there is nothing quick or easy about letting him go! Here’s how to heal your heart, grieve your loss, and trust God to put the pieces of your life back together. I was inspired to write this […]
  • How to Help Your Children Through a Painful Divorce
    These tips for helping your children cope when you’re getting a divorce will make the transition to your “new normal” much easier. A reader inspired me to write this article; she asked how to help her kids through a separation and divorce initiated by her husband… “About 6 weeks ago my husband, whom I’ve been […]
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    Are you living with a man who lets his anger control him (and you)? These 7 tips on how to survive life with an angry husband or boyfriend will help you cope – especially if you can’t leave your relationship or home. I’ve written hundreds of articles on recognizing when your relationship can’t be saved, breaking […]
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    You know deep down your boyfriend doesn’t love you, but you just can’t break free. Here’s how to be with a man who doesn’t care about you. This relationship advice was inspired by a reader who feels “addicted” to her boyfriend but knows he doesn’t love her the way she loves him… My boyfriend and […]
  • How to Heal Your Heart Without Relationship Closure
    Learn why relationship closure is important – but not necessary for healing your heart. These 8 ways to heal when a relationship ends without a good-bye will help you move on after an unexpected loss or breakup. On How to End Your Affair With a Married Man and Heal Your Heart, a reader asked how to heal […]
  • How to Know if Your “Lover’s Spats” Are Destroying Your Relationship
    Some relationship conflict – such as an occasional “lover’s spat” – is normal and even healthy for couples. But, fighting can start to affect how you feel about each other and even destroy your relationship. The following signs that a couple’s fights are unhealthy and destructive are inspired by a reader. “My boyfriend and I fight all the […]
  • How to Uncouple and Detach When a Relationship Ends
    If you can successfully “uncouple” and detach from your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband, you’ll find yourself healing faster after a breakup or divorce. These tips on how to successfully uncouple when a relationship ends will help you put your life back together. “I was married for 20 years,”writes Diane Vaughan in Uncoupling: Turning Points in Intimate […]
  • 6 Ways to Deal With Your Husband’s Past Secrets
    When you learn how to deal with your husband’s past secrets and old relationships, you hold the key to freedom and joy – not to mention a happy marriage! These tips are inspired by two readers who are coping with their partners’ past lives and decisions; they’ll help you accept your husband for who he […]
  • How to Tell Your Boyfriend the Truth
    You don’t lie to your boyfriend, but you’re not exactly honest, are you? It’s time to tell the truth. These 7 tips on how to be honest with your boyfriend will help you set healthy boundaries in your relationship. I was inspired to write this article for two readers. The first wants to tell her boyfriend the […]
  • 10 Ways to Stop Being a Needy Girlfriend and Feel Confident Again
    These tips on how to love your boyfriend without anxiety or fear can save your relationship, for you will learn how to stop being a needy girlfriend. I was inspired to write this article for a reader who asked for help with her anxious attachment style…but don’t let the words “anxious attachment style” scare you; they have the power […]
  • How to Stop Past Mistakes From Ruining Your Relationship
    Do you regret something you did when you were young and foolish? Here’s how to stop your past mistakes from destroying your relationship or ruining your life. You CAN let go and be free – and you can heal your relationship with others and yourself. But, you will have to do a little work to get there. […]
  • How to Stop Falling in Love With the Wrong Guy
    Do you feel like you’re doomed to keep making the same relationship mistakes? Learn how to stop falling in love with the wrong guy and how to start preparing for a healthy, lasting love relationship that will make you happy. I wrote these 10 tips for a reader whose sister keeps dating men who mistreat and abuse […]
  • How to End a Toxic Love Affair Before it Ruins You
    You know you need to end the love affair because it’s toxic – but how? These tips will help you see how toxic love ruins your self-esteem and makes your life miserable. This, in turn, will help you move forward in your life. I was inspired by Dr Henry Cloud’s book Necessary Endings on saying good-bye to […]
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    You keep breaking up and getting back together – and you know it’s not good for either of you. These tips on how to stop the “breakup and makeup” cycle are inspired by a reader who is struggling to accept a recent split from her boyfriend. On 5 Healthy Ways to Cope When You Miss […]
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    You don’t need to hire a private investigator to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you! Here are 12 signs he’s involved with another woman. It’s time to stop asking “Is my boyfriend cheating?” and start preparing for the truth. Why do you want to know if he’s having an affair? Because “you can’t […]
  • How to Cope When the Man You Love is Marrying Someone Else
    You’re heartbroken and lost, and it seems like you’ll never learn how to cope when the man you love is getting married to someone else. Take heart, my friend. Know that you are not alone, and that you will survive this and be happy again one day! These tips will help you grieve and move […]
  • How to Overcome Depressed Feelings After a Breakup
    Post break up, you may feel depressed, lonely, afraid, and anxious. Here’s how to overcome depression after a breakup, plus important tips on how your body and emotions are reacting to the end of your relationship. Your heart feels emotionally broken, but did you know the breakup had a physical effect on your body as well? Your heart is […]
  • Is Your Marriage Over? 6 Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore
    How do you know if your marriage is over? These six signs of the end of a relationship will help you see yourself – and your spouse – more clearly. You may not be headed for divorce court, so take heart! Even the healthiest relationships hit rock bottom sometimes. I was inspired to write this article by […]
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    Should you date a guy – or stay with a boyfriend – who doesn’t believe in God? Here’s how to decide, plus 9 tips for relationships and dating outside your faith. I wrote this article for RosyBelle (not her real name), who asked about her relationship with someone who doesn’t share her faith: “I’ve been dating […]
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    Here’s what you need to know about getting back together after a separation. Reconciliation is common for many couples who have separated or divorced, but is it a good idea for you? “My husband is desperately trying to reconcile our marriage after we separated,” said Lynda on Emotional Disconnection in Marriage. “I feel he has changed […]
  • How to Leave a Man You Love – But Can’t Live With
    Leaving a man you’ve loved for years isn’t just a physical move out of the house…it’s a painful emotional break. These tips on how to leave a man you love but can’t live with will help you decide if it’s time to say good-bye. Here’s how one woman describes her struggle: “My husband and I were […]
  • How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex and Get On With Your Life
    These seven simple, effective tips on how to stop thinking about your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend will help you overcome obsessive thoughts. Take heart, for you will move on with your life. You can stop ruminating about the past – and you can rebuild your life, renew your heart, and restore your joy! The most important thing […]
  • 9 Ways to Know if Your Husband is Lying About Cheating
    If you think your husband is cheating, you’re picking up on important subconscious clues. Here are 5 signs your husband is cheating, plus 4 ways to know if he’s lying to you about the affair. These tips are from Gary Neuman, author of The Truth about Cheating: Why Men Stray and What You Can Do to Prevent It. On […]
  • Why Married Men Cheat – and How to Prevent It
    Marriage counselor Gary Neuman explains why men cheat – and it’s not because the other woman is more attractive. The best way to prevent husbands from cheating in marriage is to know why they stray from their wives. “[My boyfriend] had slept with a woman that weekend,” says Seattle-based life coach Sarah Cline in Brangelina proves […]
  • How to Know if Your Husband Still Loves You
    You don’t need a marriage quiz or relationship test to find out if your husband still loves you. Here are the most common signs a marriage is over, plus encouragement for the journey you and your husband are on. “In my work doing marriage coaching, I have noticed that very often the turning point in a […]
  • How to Heal Codependency in Your Relationship
    “Codependency in relationships” is the psychological term; this help for codependent relationships is clear and easy. Learn what codependency is (including the signs of a codependent relationship), plus real examples from readers’ comments. “I think our marriage is codependent but does that mean I should leave my husband,” says Sherry on 8 Signs He Doesn’t Love […]
  • How to End a Relationship When You Don’t Want to Be Alone
    Being alone can be lonely, boring, and even scary…but it’s better than staying with a guy who isn’t right for you. Here’s how to end a relationship even when you’re scared or reluctant to start life on your own… “I’ve been in the same relationship for 18 years,” says Nikki in response to How to Know […]
  • 5 Signs You Can Trust Your Boyfriend After He Cheated
    Forgiving your boyfriend’s affair is easier if you can rebuild your trust in your relationship. Here are five signs you can trust your boyfriend after he cheated on you, plus tips on how to forgive. These tips are inspired by a reader’s question about her boyfriend’s affair with his closest female friend. “He spent alot of […]
  • 7 Signs He Wants to Be More Than Friends
    Are you reading him right? Here are 7 signs he likes you as more than a friend, plus 10 ways to know if he’s the right boyfriend for you. The best way to know if you should be more than friends with a guy is your gut feeling. When you’re thinking about being more than friends, […]
  • 7 Ways to Know If Your Relationship is Worth Fighting For
    Have you reached the tipping point in your relationship? Here’s how to know if your relationship is worth fighting for, or if you should throw in the towel and start another round with someone new. “I know that love changes and there are different phases of love,” says Toni on How Love Changes Over Time. “But […]
  • 11 Common Signs of Cheating – Wisdom After the Affair
    Here are 11 signs of cheating, plus insight into an unfaithful husband from a wife’s perspective. If you suspect your boyfriend or husband is cheating, you’re probably picking up on one or more of these signs of infidelity. There are always signs. I’m reading a fascinating but sad book about a husband who is a cheater […]
  • How to Know if a Man is Emotionally Available for Love
    These signs of emotionally unavailable men will help you see him – and your relationship – more clearly. Also, here are the reasons women fall in love with men whose hearts aren’t available. The more you know yourself, the healthier your relationships will be. The best way to stop falling in love with men who […]
  • How to Apologize and Make Amends When You Were Wrong
    Saying, “I was wrong, and I’m sorry I hurt you,” can be surprisingly difficult! These tips will help you apologize and make amends after hurting someone you care about.  The relief and freedom you’ll feel after saying you’re sorry is worth the painful moment of the apology. You’ll need to be vulnerable and authentic if you […]
  • How to Know if Divorce is the Best Decision
    If you’re struggling with the difficult “Should I get a divorce?” question, you may need an unbiased external perspective that isn’t overwhelmed by emotion. Here are 10 signs to help you decide if divorcing your husband is the best choice, inspired by Should I Stay or Should I Go? “It takes a lot of bravery to […]
  • 5 Steps to Overcoming Insecurity and Fear in Your Relationship
    Yes, you can feel secure, safe, and happy in any relationship! These steps will help you overcome insecurity in all your relationships and build a foundation of peace, love, and joy in your life. This article was inspired by a comment from a reader who is struggling with deep feelings of anxiety and insecurity in her […]
  • How to Let Go of Someone You Love
    Letting go of a relationship takes courage and strength. Here, you’ll learn how to let go of someone you love in healthy ways, heal your heart, and move forward in your life. These tips are inspired by a reader who asked for help detaching and letting go of someone she cares about. “My husband of three years […]
  • How to Get Revenge on Your Ex – Without Losing Your Soul
    Your ex boyfriend has hurt you a thousand ways, and all you can think about is how to get revenge. These five tips for getting revenge on your ex are inspired by the parable of a princess warrior. She got even with those who hurt her, but she paid a huge price. “Your tips on how to […]
  • How to Stop Feeling Insecure in Your Relationships
    Insecurity may be caused by your own low self-esteem, or it may be a result of a critical or demanding husband or boyfriend. These tips on how to stop feeling insecure in your relationship will help you dig up the roots of your insecurity – which will help you fix it. When did you first start feeling […]
  • How to Cope When Your Ex Has a New Girlfriend
    You may feel surprised and heartbroken to find out that someone you loved is already in a new relationship. Here are three ways to cope when your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend. “How can you move on when you can’t let go of the dream that defines who you are, who you were made to be?” asks […]
  • 4 Signs of Emotional Distance in a Love Relationship
    Is your boyfriend or husband physically present, but emotionally distant? Here are four signs of emotionally distant love relationships, plus tips for bridging the gap between you and him. Emotional distance is characterized by a lack of an emotional, spiritual, or intellectual level connection with your partner. You know you’re disconnected when your boyfriend or husband just isn’t […]
  • How to Convince Someone to Give You a Second Chance
    The bad news is that you broke up, but the good news is that many breakups aren’t permanent. Here are seven tips that will help you convince someone to give you a second chance. These tips for reconciling with your ex are inspired by a reader’s email.  “I would do anything to get her back, anything,” says […]
  • When You Love Someone Who is Scared to Love You Back
    Fear, insecurity, or a painful past relationship can lead to fear of abandonment. Here’s what you can do when you’re in love with someone who is scared to love you back. Here’s what one reader said about his ex-girlfriend. “I dated a great lady for 11 months,” says Steve on 10 Warning Signs of a Bad […]
  • How to Leave Your Husband When You Have No Money
    How do you leave an unhappy marriage or bad relationship when you have no money? These tips and resources will help you get money to leave your husband. I felt inspired to write this article by a reader who feels trapped in her marriage… “I want to leave my husband but I have no money,” says Christine […]
  • Emotional Disconnection in Marriage – How to Feel Less Alone
    The worst type of loneliness is being married but feeling all alone. Here are several ways to overcome emotional disconnection in marriage, and perhaps even grow closer together with your husband. Here’s what Gloria says on Is My Marriage Over? 7 Signs Your Spouse is Ending the Relationship: “We’ve been married for 28 years and I feel […]
  • 5 Stages of Leaving an Abusive Relationship
    You’ll understand why women stay with emotionally or physically violent men when you read through these five stages of leaving an abusive relationship. If you’re stuck in one of these stages, you are 100% normal! Here’s why it takes time to leave a man who abuses, and how you can get help. I also share some […]
  • How to Cope When Your Husband Leaves You for Her
    Saying – even just thinking, “My husband left me for another woman” – is heartbreaking, but help is here. These tips for coping when your husband leaves you for her will help you survive even when you’re completely shocked that he walked out. “I can’t believe this happened to me, the pain is unbearable,” said […]
  • How to Know if You Can Trust Him After an Affair
    Can you trust your boyfriend after he cheated on you? It depends. Here are five signs your boyfriend probably won’t cheat again, plus help forgiving an affair. These tips are inspired by a reader’s question about her cheating boyfriend, and they apply to all girlfriends who have boyfriends who cheated on them. “My boyfriend and I have […]
  • The Best Breakup Songs for Letting Go of Someone You Love
    This list of the best breakup songs will help you let go of someone you love. Music is healing, whether it’s angry breakup music or soft soothing ballads for broken hearts. 1989 – Taylor Swift will be one of your favorite breakup songs if you liked “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “We Are Never […]


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