Stop Being Scared and Start Leaping in Faith – Blossom Tip 71

What was the last leap of faith you took? I bet you were scared.

Maybe you’re taking a leap of faith right now. You’re starting a new season of life in a new job or at a new school or with a new partner. Maybe you’re learning how to live without someone you love, or you’re slowly letting go of a dear friend and companion. Maybe you’re making new friends, or you even signed up for a Blossom Pen Pal!

I hope your leap of faith is scary. Why? Because if you aren’t scared, then it isn’t a leap of faith. It’s you setting an achievable goal — which is good! Goals are great. Achieving them is awesome. But if your goals aren’t scary, they don’t require faith, trust, or even that big a leap.

I remember the biggest, scariest leap of faith I ever took. I briefly describe my experience living in foster homes in my book Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back. Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 3: Digging Deeper with Hagar (one of my favorite chapters)…

My Scariest Leap of Faith

I ran away from home when I was thirteen years old in a most unusual way: by calling Social Services and talking to a social worker. My previous foster care experiences  hadn’t just sheltered me, they taught me how to properly leave an unhealthy, abusive environment. I’d stayed in foster homes with compassionate parents, warm beds, well-stocked fridges, and school supplies. I’d already experienced—and wasn’t eager to relive—the adventure of sleeping in hard cardboard boxes in cold back alleys of big cities.

Stop Being Scared and Start Leaping in Faith – Blossom Tip 71
Take a Leap of Faith – She Blossoms

At home, my mom was disintegrating physically, emotionally, and mentally. She kept going on and off her medications because she didn’t like the uncomfortable and often harsh side effects of the powerful antipsychotic drugs. She was also trying to hold down a teaching job while raising two preteen girls as a single mom. Her struggle led to all sorts of unpleasant experiences at home, ranging from physical abuse with wooden sticks to culinary abuse with margarine sandwiches on stale white bread. I couldn’t live with her anymore, especially since she was getting better at hiding her illness from the doctors.

So I called a social worker for help. I knew there was always the possibility of ending up in an unhelpful or even abusive foster home. I’d heard they existed, but I knew staying with my downward-spiraling mom was riskier than running away.

Why Leaping in Faith is Scary

Leaps of faith feel risky, and they help you get closer to God. Pursuing a unique possibility — especially in a new season of life — changes how you see yourself and God. Taking a risk is your chance to learn how He leads and where He might want you to go next. When you avoid new possibilities, your heart grows cold, your spirit dull, your life flat. You can’t grow without taking leaps of faith, much less blossom into who God created you to be.

Maybe you’re stuck in a rut or struggling to let go of the past. Maybe you refuse to accept invitations or new ideas because you’re uncomfortable or afraid. Or, maybe you think taking a risk has to be big and scary, like quitting your job or moving to Africa. On the contrary! A leap of faith can be as simple as inviting a co-worker to lunch or joining a new church group.

How to Take a Leap of Faith

Create a one-week plan of small daily risks. For example:

  • Monday – wear more colorful clothes to work. This is risky because you might attract attention or feel judged.
  • Tuesday – start a conversation with someone you see often but don’t talk to. Risky because you’re reaching out to a stranger.
  • Wednesday – take a fitness class you’ve never tried before. Risky because you’ll feel uncomfortable and won’t know what to do.
  • Thursday – apologize to someone for losing your temper or breaking a promise. Risky because you’re admitting you were wrong.
  • Friday – invite friends over for a meal you’ve never made. Risky because it may not be perfect and you might feel embarrassed.

Reflect after each leap of faith. Were you scared? How did God show up? Then, consider taking bigger leaps of faith that require you to rely on and trust God more than before.

She Blossoms Readers Blossom Tip 65
Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back

For example, it’s a leap of faith for me to ask you to buy a copy of Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back because I feel vulnerable and even a little embarrassed — even though it’s a wonderful book! It’s filled with insights and practical tips for walking into a new season of life, growing closer to God, and learning who you are and want to become. I believe this book will help you heal and move forward…and yet, it’s scary to ask you to buy it (and perhaps even leave a review on Amazon, to help other readers decide if it’s the book for them). Authors hold out their hearts when they share their writing with you. Be gentle, dear reader.

What leap of faith would you take if you weren’t scared? Write about it in the comments section below. How are you holding yourself back from becoming who God created you to be?


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2 thoughts on “Stop Being Scared and Start Leaping in Faith – Blossom Tip 71”

  1. GOD is the reason I’m still here.
    GOD truly wants to help me through this time in my life.
    “He’ll never leave you nor forsake you.”

    I understand now, I must take a leap of faith.
    What that actually looks like, or what I’m supposed to do has not been revealed, yet!
    I’ll keep praying and asking the LORD to be a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

    GOD Bless you all