Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds – But This Does

It’s not true that time heals all wounds. Time alone won’t heal your broken heart after a breakup or ease your grief after you lose someone you love. Time can’t heal the wounds of your past — even if those wounds are decades old. Think back to your childhood. Your […]

Feels Impossible to Let Go of Someone You Love

Why It Feels Impossible to Let Go of Someone You Love

When you understand why letting go of someone you love feels impossible and more painful than anything you ever imagined, you’ll find yourself moving towards acceptance and freedom. Here you’ll find four of the most common reasons women hold on to the past, ranging from unrealistic expectations to fear of […]

How to Move on From an Ex You Still Love

Your heart is asking “Does he miss me?” but your head knows it’s time learn how to move on from an ex boyfriend. You’re still in love, you miss him and you want him back, but you know this relationship is over. Maybe you even know, deep down, that it’s […]

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Forgiving Him for Breaking Your Heart

How to Forgive Him for Breaking Your Heart

The relationship is over and your heart is broken. You trusted him and you loved him…how do you forgive him for breaking your heart? Maybe you feel stuck, like you’ll never get over this or be happy again. You may even feel embarrassed and ashamed by how your relationship ended, […]

How to Deal With Regret After a Breakup

Ending a relationship hurts, and post-breakup regret is natural. These tips for dealing with regret after a relationship ends will help you let go of the past and move toward a happier future. But first – why is crucial for you to start coping with your regret? Because your physical […]

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3 Steps to Start Living in Faith and Healing Your Broken Heart

How to Live by Faith and Heal Your Broken Heart

When your heart is broken after a breakup, living by faith is all you have. In this article you’ll find additional strength to survive, hope to continue, and help letting go of the past. These tips on how to live by faith after breaking up are inspired by a She […]

3 Reasons You Can’t Stop Loving Him

Here’s why you can’t stop loving your boyfriend or husband even though he’s not good for you. I also share tips on how you can let him go, find yourself, and live in joy and freedom. I’ve written thousands of relationship articles on my She Blossoms blog, and I get […]

Reasons Why Can’t I Stop Loving Him

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5 Ways to Heal Emotional Pain After Losing Someone You Love

If you find it comforting to know you’re not alone, then you’ll be comforted here. These tips on how to heal your emotional pain are inspired by a man who lost his wife a year ago. He’s one of the kindest, gentlest souls I’ve ever met, and his story is […]