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Healing Broken Hearts

Overcoming Setbacks to Healing Your Broken Heart

Overcoming Setbacks to Healing After a Breakup

Discouraging - often painful - setbacks are part of the healing process after a physical illness, injury, or surgery. Overcoming setbacks is a difficult but necessary part of the healing process. It's the same with healing a broken heart after a loss; the setbacks are inevitable...but healing is still happening despite the paint.
Getting Over Him When You Can’t Get Him Back

Getting Over Him When You Can’t Get Him Back

Getting over him feels impossible because a breakup changes you. Breakups are especially painful when you want him back but can't have him. But you WILL heal, grow forward, and even blossom into who God created you to be...especially if you let yourself slowly and completely get over him.
I need help getting through a breakup

5 Things You Need to Survive a Breakup

These five “core needs” will help you get through a breakup — even if you’ve been sad and miserable for months. You may already have done the most important thing, which is to simply say “I need help getting through this breakup.” Admitting that you need help, you need something different or better to help you through a breakup, is called the first step for a reason.