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If You Knew What God Knows About Your Body – Blossom Tip 80

Here’s a fact about God that probably won’t surprise you: He doesn’t always answer our prayers the way we want or give us the desires of our heart

But wait, I have good news! If we knew what He knows—if we could see the big picture with all the pieces—we would ask God for exactly what we have. Imagine that. If you knew what God knows, you would give yourself the exact same body, life and relationships you have right now.

Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

Sometimes God gives us what we pray for. For example, my friend Carol desperately wanted children but couldn’t conceive. She and her husband were having marriage problems, and she didn’t know if she should leave him or keep moving forward in faith. She prayed for a healthier relationship, a miraculous conception, and a successful pregnancy. Carol tried to “let go and let God.” She put her dream of getting pregnant in God’s hands, but kept taking it back, worrying, fretting, obsessing. 

Carol refused to give up on her dream of having a healthy child and happy marriage. For twelve years she prayed and waited.

“A lot of people asked me about adoption or fostering children,” said Carol, “but I didn’t want to take things into my own hands. I didn’t want to step outside God’s will because I really did feel like He promised me a child. I still dealt with longings and disappointment, but I decided to keep waiting and trusting. And, God eventually honored my patience and faith! I had a baby.”

Carol and her husband were blessed with a son. Her marriage ended in divorce, but she and her ex-husband are co-parenting their boy with love and respect.

Life can be bittersweet, can’t it?

If You Knew What God Knows About Your Body

If Only You Knew What God Knows About Your Body Blossom Tip 80
If You Knew What God Knows

My husband and I also went through infertility, but with a different ending. We didn’t get pregnant, and our marriage grew stronger. Bruce and I never had children because of azoospermia, which is a type of male infertility. We didn’t feel compelled to adopting or fostering children. We would’ve loved to have a family together but it just wasn’t God’s will for us. My heart melts when I see a pregnant woman or hold a baby, but I’m genuinely happy for couples with kids! Their lives don’t change who I am, how I see myself, or where my life is going.

I don’t know why God designed our bodies the way He did, but I do believe this: If we knew what He knows—if we could see the big picture with all the pieces—we would ask God for the exact bodies we have.

God Knows You Inside and Out

I woke up last night at three a.m., fretting about my ailing dog (why did she throw up her dinner?) and my upcoming eye exam (when will God answer my prayers for 20/20 vision?). My thoughts could have erupted into a full-blown panic attack—but suddenly I realized that my brain is astonishing.

How clever, to imagine all the worst things that could happen! How diligent, to be working while the world slumbers! “Brain, how smart you are,” I said. “You’re alert and nimble when everybody else is snoring.”

“Helloooo, what about me?” cried my heart. “I beat strong and true even while you sleep.” And then my kidneys hollered, “Helloooo, remember us? We’re brilliant at our job, too. And don’t forget about us — your lymph nodes, liver and lungs! You have no idea how hard we work every second of every day.”

Your body was lovingly, carefully, thoughtfully designed by a wise, all-knowing Creator who knew exactly what He was doing long before you were a twinkle in your mother’s eye. You are not perfect, but you are on purpose.

How to Accept Your Body With the Love of God

Write your body a letter. Start with praise: Your eyes and brain are reading and comprehending these words, your heart is pumping, your lungs inhaling and exhaling, stomach digesting, hair growing. What about your nose that smells, tongue that tastes, ears that hear, eyes that see? Show your body some love and gratitude.

And face up to the downside. The sags, bags, and lags. Are you disappointed in your breasts or bottom, knees or nose? Write them a little note of love because they, too, deserve gratitude. 

Thank them for doing what they were created to do. It’s not their fault they’re getting old and worn out. Especially if you don’t nurture them with healthy food, exercise, and rest. Isn’t it amazing that you breathe without even noticing?

God designed every cell of your body for a specific reason. If only you knew what God knows about your body, you would design it the exact same way. If only you knew what God knows about your life, relationships, future and plans—if you could see the big picture with all the pieces—you wouldn’t ask God to change a thing.

Take a deep breath, and enjoy the fact that you are alive. Maybe, for one moment, this is all you need.

With the love of Jesus and the joy of the Spirit,



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