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How to Keep Going When Life is Hard – Blossom Tip 59

When I travel — like now in Portugal — I pack light. Wearing the same clothes doesn’t bother me the way it used to.

This morning, however, was special. I dug out a fresh pair of trousers and a clean shirt (I’m wearing my husband’s button up dress shirts because my broken shoulder is still in a sling – which is Why You’re Safe Everywhere – Blossom Tip 56).

Freshly showered, happily fed and coffee’d, I set out for my early morning walk. It had rained overnight; Sintra’s narrow cobblestone’d streets were filled with puddles and small ponds.

Picture this: me in clean clothes, enjoying a peaceful walk, feeling like all is right with the world. I’m strolling along narrow streets in a small town, hopping over mud puddles, making way for early morning commuters on their way to work in their zippy little European cars…can you imagine what happened next?

You got it. One of those zippy little European cars driven by someone late for work hit a puddle at exactly the right speed, angle, and velocity…and splash! My fresh clean clothes — including my scarf and hat — was suddenly and coldly accessorized with muddy rain water.

Luckily, I happened to be listening to a Tim Mackie sermon on podcast. He was teaching about how Jesus handled times of trial and testing. I learned how to keep walking even when I’m cold, wet, and unjoyful.

How to keep going when it’s hard

Maybe you’re going through something hard and painful right now. Maybe you’re struggling to cope with a loss or disappointment in the past. Maybe you’re afraid of what the future holds, and you’re worried about a million little things. Or maybe you’re worried about one Big Scary Thing.

Keep walking.

How to Keep Walking - She Blossoms Tip 59If you keep moving forward, taking it one moment and one hour at a time, you will get to the other side. You will find yourself walking with greater ease and speed. You’ll feel lighter, healthier, happier. The mud will dry up and flick off your clean clothes. You may never be glad you got splashed, but you will learn and grow and love in bigger and better and deeper ways.

Keep walking.

You’ll climb mountains you never expected or planned, and when you get to the top you’ll be astounded at the view. You’ll get through dark valleys you feared and avoided, and you’ll have a greater sense of self-awareness and identity.

Keep walking.

But don’t walk alone. Ask friends and family to come with you. Find kindred spirits who lift you up and help you become healthier, happier, and more grounded in the most important things.

Above all, reach up and take God’s hand. He is reaching down. He wants you to know Him better. I know this because you’re reading these words! You’re not reading me. The only reason you joined She Blossoms is because Jesus is calling you to walk with Him.

A practical tip for walking with freedom, joy, and peace 

Learn who God is. Listen to sermons that actually teach you something about Scripture, that show you how to live out your faith in practical ways. Find a church or community that helps you become healthy and strong, connected and alive.

Keep walking.

Know that you will never get “there” until you meet Jesus face-to-face. Your life is taking you closer to Him, one step at a time. You can walk in faith, power, love, strength, freedom, peace and joy if you want to. You can grow forward and flourish…even when it’s hard.

With His love from Portugal,


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