6 Surprising Ways to Get Revenge on Your Ex

Your ex boyfriend hurt you, and all you can think about is hurting him back. But will getting revenge on your ex make you feel better? Here’s my favorite quote about seeking vengeance: “Get revenge in a way that is almost cruel. Forgive them.” What if forgiveness is the best way to get revenge on your ex boyfriend? One benefit is you’ll break free emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.

“Your tips on how to stop thinking about a breakup are good,” says Misha on How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex Boyfriend. “But I have one obstacle: my ex won’t leave me alone. He keeps trying to hurt me because I broke up with him, and he can’t accept it. He refuses to let me go in peace. The worst thing he did last night was call my mom in the middle of the night. When she hung up on him, he kept calling back. My mom isn’t in good health. She called the police, and they visited him because he threatened her. Now all I can think of is getting revenge on him. I think he’ll leave us alone now, which will make it easier…except now I just want to know how to get revenge my ex for harassing my mom! How do I let go of these black feelings???”

I love how Misha said it’s her “black feelings” that she needs to let go of. That’s exactly what is causing her to want to get revenge on her ex: dark, shadowy, painful black emotions that will grow and overcome her. The problem is that getting revenge won’t make her feel better.

Revenge is a confession of pain. It’s a way to cope with rejection, anger, betrayal, and bitterness. But, getting revenge doesn’t heal your spirit. Learning how to get revenge on your ex-boyfriend won’t make you feel better about who you are or where you’re going. You need to focus on healing after the breakup, not wasting your time and energy on a guy who is destroying your spirit, heart, and life.

6 Ways to Get Revenge on Your Ex

Does learning how to get revenge on your ex seem less significant now, after reading the parable of the princess warrior’s vengeance? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, these tips on getting revenge on your ex-boyfriend will help you settle the breakup in your own mind.

1. Get enough sleep

How to Get Revenge on My Ex Boyfriend
How to Get Revenge on Your Ex Boyfriend

Sleeping well may seem like a weird tip for getting revenge, but it make sense when you know what the American Academy of Sleep Medicine was about sleeplessness, revenge, and aggression. The sleepier you are, the more likely you’ll keep thinking about how things could have been better.

If you’re tired, you’re more likely to believe that your ex’s bad behavior and poor choices were responsible for the breakup. If you’re sleepy, you’re prone to thinking about what could have been. You’re unhappy with your life. You’re obsessed with angry thoughts about how your ex could have done better. If you take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, you’re less likely to let the serpent and the sword consume you. Your ending will be much sweeter than the princess warrior’s.

2. Send your ex on his way

Revenge is a way to stay connected. You’re searching for tips on how to get revenge on your ex-boyfriend because you don’t want to let go of him. You want him in your life, and you want him to be aware of how much he hurt you. You want him to know that he destroyed your life, that he is lower than dirt, and that he won’t get away with what he did to you. The problem with revenge, however, is that it keeps you connected to the darkest parts of yourself.

Getting revenge isn’t the answer, as we saw in the parable of the princess warrior. Revenge is the doorway to a darker, more bitter place that will destroy you.

3. Let karma do her job

Whether you call it revenge or justice or karma, your ex will get what’s coming to him. If he deserves to be punished, he will be punished. Don’t get in the way of the natural order of justice, or of karma. Let karma or God take care of the past, of the way things “should be.”

However, if your ex did anything illegal, I encourage you to talk to the police about pressing charges. Forgiveness doesn’t mean allowing yourself to be walked on – nor does it mean your ex should get away with illegal or immoral actions. There is a huge difference between getting revenge on your ex because your feelings are hurt versus pressing charges against a man who harmed you.

4. Learn how to let go of someone you love

How to Get Revenge on Your Ex Boyfriend

I wrote 75 How to Let Go of Someone You Love: 3 Powerful Secrets (and 75 Tips!) for Healing Your Heart because I needed to learn how to let go of my sister. Letting her go was the most painful and difficult thing I ever did, but I had no choice.

To write this ebook, I interviewed life coaches, counselors, and grief coaches on letting go. I know how shocking, confusing, and heart-wrenching it is when you’re letting go of a loved one. It’s devastating – and it changes how you see yourself. Learning how to let go of someone you love is about rediscovering your passion and identity.

Here’s what a reader recently emailed me about Letting Go of Someone You Love: “I gobbled the book down. Great help in putting things in perspective and in taking positive thoughtful action. Many thanks for sharing your wisdom and experiences.”

5. Focus on getting your self back instead of getting revenge on your ex

Don’t let your ex steal your spirit, soul, and dreams! The more time and energy you spend thinking about how to get revenge, the less time and energy you have for healing, growing, and restoring your identity. Every second you spend plotting revenge on your ex-boyfriend is another second of your life that is gone forever. Revenge is the dark side. Learn from the princess warrior’s experience with the all-consuming nature of vengeance! Free yourself from the serpent that will destroy your life.

6. Learn the true meaning of “self care”

When I was studying for my MSW (Master of Social Work) at UBC, we learned about the importance of self-care. Whether you’re coping with a bad breakup, picking yourself up after a divorce, helping your children heal after abuse, or reeling from the shock of a betrayal – you need to take care of yourself. Being kind to yourself – living well, pampering your body, healing your hurts – is one of the best “ways to get revenge” because it heals you and doesn’t hurt others.

How you take care of yourself depends on your personality, lifestyle, income, and preferences. I take care of myself by leaning into God. I trust Him, and believe He loves me. My relationship with God has walked me through piles of problems, and my prayer for you is that you find ways to heal from the breakup without feeling the need to get revenge on your ex boyfriend.

If you want to get revenge on your ex because you didn’t experience a proper ending, read How to Heal Your Heart Without Relationship Closure.

I welcome your thoughts on how to get revenge on your ex boyfriend or ex husband below. I can’t offer advice or counseling, but it may help you (and other readers) if you shared your story. Writing can bring insight and clarity, and help you process difficult emotions.

She got revenge in a way that was almost cruel. She forgave them.


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41 thoughts on “6 Surprising Ways to Get Revenge on Your Ex”

  1. The “don’t try to get revenge” tip is one that I’ve always struggled with. For the longest time, I felt if someone hurt me, then they kind of brought revenge on themselves. As I’ve grown and matured over the years, I’ve realized that the only thing getting revenge does is to justify their reason for the breakup in the first place. Yes, it is so tempting and we feel justified in getting revenge, but here’s a better idea – the other people your ex dates, let them get revenge, and later on, your ex will realize, “Hey, Ryan was the only one that didn’t act like a jerk after the breakup….man, did *I* mess up!”

  2. My ex is a married man who I have been friends with for couple of years. He was always telling me how unhappy he is at home and that he wanted to leave his wife and I fell for that. We started dating few months ago, things were great, I was there for him emotionally and to listen to everything he had to say about his life. Even though I never slept with him but I fell such connection. One day I saw pictures of him and his family on social media, looking happy and stuff so I call him to end things cause I couldn’t bare to be the reason why his family might break but he refused, he begged me to stay, saying that I will destroy him, I will break him so I stated with him. Fast forward, about 3 weeks ago he send me a messagesaying he needed a break, I couldn’t understand coz we were in such a good place. I was so confused and broken. I confronted him andhe keeps making up stories about how he can’t give me the life he promised. Only to find out that he’s seeing someoneels. I have been crying myself to sleep everyday, every time I think about him I cry. It’s so lonely not to be able to talk to him, we use to talk everyday and now he’s blocked me on his Whatsapp and I’m so broken over this.
    I have been contemplating on telling his wife about the whole thing just so I could hurt him the way that he has hurt me.
    I work with me so that means I get to see him everyday but I can’t talk to him.

    This is killing me, please help 😢

    1. I would tell his wife! That would make you feel better but may cause a lot of drama. More than likely you will find out he lied about being unhappy with his wife. You’re not me tho and sadly that’s why I’m here :/ So you may not want to take my advice. Sometimes it’s not best to let the wife know out of spite :/ He’s a as*hole. I hope you’re doing better now.

  3. This story really reasonated with me. I’m so lost in anger and bitterness I can’t find my way anymore. I’m consumed with anger and hostility toward my ex.

    I will need to read, and re-read this story over and over to even begin to move past my anger.

  4. She left me out of the blue. Pretended everything was fine. After 10 months of having wonderful time together. All her friends enjoyed my company, her family (with the exception of her to boys and her mother). We did so much together, I cooked for her, helped her with her house, rubbed her feet…absolutely loved her in every way. Out of the blue…said she just did not love me…I was not enough for her.

  5. Thank you-thank you-and thank you for this article. I went through what I would consider to be an “Instantaneous” Break-up! Although I saw changes and felt a constant churning in the pit of my stomach prior to him ending our relationship-it all came to a halt in the blink of an eye. He literally went from-“You’re my Baby and I want to keep you safe and warm”—to wanting me to leave and give him back his door key-in an instant! How the hell does someone flip the switch that fast? I was good to him-His son—(Not Our’s Together) none the less-I treated him like my own-and loved and took care of his dog. I never cheated nor lied to him-carried him financially when he had nothing-and did everything for him that a wife would have done-except for having his last name and a ring on my finger! Perhaps that was the problem. He became so complacent and in the end-acted as if I was a life long enemy-of his. God help me to understand-I just can’t-and the lack of closure prolongs my healing. In an instant-the man that claimed that he loved me-the home I grown to love-his son-his dogs-all of the dreams of a future with this man-our plans-my hopes and dreams—-all gone! So there I stood-BROKEN! I have cried a million tears-completely bent God’s ears-searched my mind and soul for answers-become a total insomniac-and almost lost my mind. Yet he goes on with his life-as if he hasn’t a care in the world. Can a person truly have no heart and show no remoarse for destroying another human beings life? I can’t understand and maybe I never will. I have spent a lot of my time in plotting some sort of revenge-but in all actuality-there is NOTHING I could ever do to him that would come close to causing him as much pain as he has inflicted upon me. Reading this article re-enforces this way of thinking in me. So-do I give up and say—You Win? NO—-I don’t have to say anything at all. If there’s one thing I know for sure-HE is the loser here. He had someone with one of the purest heart’s that God ever placed in a woman. He had a love that was REAL—–(so hard to find these days). He gave up someone that would have stuck with him till his dying day. He gave up a pair of Blue Eyes that once sparkled every time I looked at him. He gave up the woman that he told me that he had Prayed so hard for. So-HE truly is the one that will suffer in the end. God don’t like ugly and the Bible says that vengeance is mine-saith the Lord! In due season-he will reap what he has sown. That thought will help to sustain me-as I go through my healing from all that he has done. I appreciate the opportunity to comment on this site. Again—Thank You for your article!

    1. No one seems to be answering these, but I went through the same thing. There needs to be a law against deliberately lifting a woman all of the way up just to destroy her by suddenly running off. Most people don’t realize it, but it is the same as murder.

  6. I am feeling so hurt. My ex left me miserably. He cannot even forgive me. he has blocked me from everywhere. I am facing through a tough time….can anyone tel how to forget him or how he can come back to me???

  7. If I could have one revenge come true on my worthless ex boyfriend it would be this:
    He’s bald. He almost always wears a creepy, dirty baseball cap to hide it. But ever so often, once in a while, he takes it off.
    The wish I want to have come true is for every time he takes off his hat outdoors, a great big seagull would drop a huge, greasy, dank, black poop on his fat, stupid, bald bean.
    Every single time that hat is off: SPLAT!!!
    Now THAT would be the perfect pay-back for all the crap he heaped on me. He’s a bad person… believe me, this would be a just punishment.
    (I would like to witness it happening at least one time, but only once… that would be enough to see. The rest could happen without me seeing.)

  8. Elizabeth Strasbourg

    I lost my husband four years ago at far too young an age, and have been working through the grief. A man from one of my car clubs that I had know for a few years became interested in me and we had a lovely summer in 2016, going to car shows, having lunch, and we fell in love. He had said his marriage was over and we talked about a future together. I think you can guess where this is going. He changed his mind but still wanted to be friends. It’s been a year now, and I see him at car shows and club meetings, and while we do get along as friends and even laugh together, when I am back home all alone, I only think of ways to hurt him and break up his marriage of lies. He doesn’t love her anymore, it’s obvious by how he treats her and how they behave in public together, but his wife knows nothing of this and if I could find a way to bring him down without implicating me, I would do it in a second. Sadly, I have to move on, and I have lots of friends, but I am angry because my heart wasn’t finished grieving for my husband and now I am recovering from two broken hearts. Not fair. Hope the asshole – pardon my language – gets to feel as lonely as I am someday.

    1. Hi Elizabeth
      I feel your pain ..I notice this was last year so I hope you feel better now. My boyfriend and I have just split up after 12 months together. He said he was separated but now I have my doubts. I won’t bore you with the details but he made promises. Told me he loved me and now I am broken and hurt because I feel that the whole last 12 months were a lie
      If I could get revenge I would ..2 weeks ago I loved him so much ..now I hate him

      1. Elizabeth Strasbourg

        Hi Tracey, surprisingly I still hurt because this man is a continuing part of my life. We have been to several car shows together and he treats me well, brings me a drink when I’m hot and tired, etc. He still does care I have discovered but I am still alone at the end of the day.

        I am so confused. Crumbs from him keep me going at times but other times I hate his guts for all of the empty promises. There is no one new in my life – I have discovered being a widow is like having the plague.

        I still wish his marriage would break up but not so that he can come back to me – I want him to feel the gut wrenching loneliness that I do every day.

  9. There is actually no way to get revenge on your ex boyfriend without losing your soul in the process. If you keep looking for ways to get revenge, all you’ll do is keep more and more blackness and darkness onto your heart. Getting revenge on your ex-boyfriend is not the solution.

    The solution to your pain is to focus on letting go of the past and healing your heart. It’s time to look towards your future, and figure out how you’ll step into a new season of your life. The more you look back, the harder it’ll be to get over the pain of that bad relationship. So instead of looking back and thinking about getting revenge on your ex-boyfriend, start looking forward and working through your feelings of grief and pain about the end of this relationship.

    Are you willing to do this?

  10. I’m looking back, realizing that the man I was with, is actually a bit of a loser. And would not have made me happy. If he hadn’t done such a jerky thing, I might still be with him, though. And I would not have ended up with the man I’m with now. The man I am with now is my soulmate. What a difference between him and all others! Effortless joy!

    If people mistreat us, we need to drop them and move on because we will find the person who loves us and makes us happy.

    The only revenge you need, is to write a quiet, sweet note a year later, to let your ex know it was a profoundly wonderful thing — your relationship ending. Because it led you to unbelievable joy with the right person. And then wish your ex luck in finding the right person for themselves also.

    Be so happy that you even wish happiness for them.

    When I wrote a letter like this, I was sincere. Later, I found out that it caused my ex to regret losing me. The fact that I was happy I wasn’t with him, and intensely happy with another man…. this upset him.

    I’d only meant to give him advice on finding a soulmate.

  11. My boyfriend cheated on me but I don’t want to get revenge. Just knowing that he is my ex-boyfriend now is all the revenge I need.

  12. Imy going through something simular, I ment my girl sleeping on a mattress at my sister’s house broke with no money and a son,I did not want to talk to her as she is younger than I am,I did it anyway because I was lonely ,I helped her get a job took care of her and her son,she gets on her feet ,turns her back on me leaves me for dead with bills,now she calls wen her car breaks down or she needs something ,I’m in so much pain she could careally less I gave her my everything,I have gave up all my friends, my parents are both dead,I’m just home alone thinking ,over and over ,how things could have turned put better,Its the holidays, things are not looking to good

  13. I was taken in my someone who pretended to be a genuine loving person but was actually completely out for himself and enjoying the power of tricking me into falling for him then went cold. When I made myself vulnerable and showed my true feelings, he stuck the knife in even more. It’s not like me to become consumed with hatred but I do hate him and wish I could tell him. He probably thinks I still love him and that makes me so angry. I want him to suffer.

    1. Rosie
      I hope you moved on from this because this is exactly what has happened to me right now.
      And exactly how I feel

  14. Forgiving your ex for whatever he or she did to you is harder than learning how to get revenge. Forgiveness may actually be the hardest thing you can ever do….and the most free-ing. Forgiveness sets you free and cleanses your heart, while getting revenge on your ex blackens your soul.

    Sometimes the best way to ‘get’ revenge without actually harming anyone is to just write about it. Feel free to post your worst revenge stories here – your fantasies of revenge! Maybe writing them down will help dislodge the pain and grief that is weighing you down.

  15. I want revenge but shes 1,000 Miles away. The best I could do was send my Music Festival Tickets and my Plane Tickets to her in the mail to remind her of the colossal storm she put me through. My gf left me September 1st. I flew down to TX from CA to spend the week with her and the day I got there she broke up with me. She lied to me for almost a Month about me coming to see her. She stated everything was fine and that she and I were great! She broke up with me less than 12 Hours after I got there. Flew home hours later and missed the Music Festival we were supposed to go to. She got to go have fun and I flew home with a Broken Heart. And to top it off, her Ex was abusive and hit her. I did nothing of the sort. Took her to a Giants Game, to Pier 39, all around SF, took her on a Dinner Cruise, and sent her Flowers. She left me for being good to her. I hope Karma bites her in the Ass 10x harder for what she did to me.

  16. I am sorry, but if losing my soul is what it takes then thats what it is, but I refuse to not massacre the soul of this narcissist. Currently, am unemployed, offered and interview and will be cancelling because it will interfere with the putting together of my plans. That’s how hell bent I am. I have been planning this for more than half of a year and the rship didn’t last 3 months. But this fool took my trust, my heart, a portion of innocence for no real reason other than his own ego. Too many times we talk about just be your best self and you would have won. That’s all dependent on what happened. Some rships just don’t work out. Others, and am speaking specifically about men now, others are planned way in advance, by these men the intention is to satisfy their own little ego and wants with no intention of ever considering a future with you. Yet they do and say all things to the contrary, u’d be surprised. And I do not care if it’s not ALL men. Spare me.

    I am sorry, but u donot get to do that and simply move forward. When am done, all that will remain is for him to commit suicide. The thing to any great revenge is to know your target’s greatest fear. With that knowledge, you become invincible. Note however that u guard your own fears or make sure no longer have any.

    1. Totally with you about getting revenge on your ex.

      My ex ruined my life (sleeps with my friend, lied about me, destroyed my reputation, ejected me from my social circle) after she abandoned me while suffering a medical condition and calling me a child for having feelings about that. Revenge is the only thing I think about.

  17. There is a bigger, better way to get revenge on your ex: don’t continue to put your energy towards bitterness and anger!

    The happier you are, the healthier you strive to become, the less it matters what your ex did. If you live fully and purposefully, you will stop searching for tips on how to get revenge on your ex because it simply won’t matter.

    Focus on yourself, on growing stronger, healthier, and happier in your life!

    If you feel like you can’t let go, read:

    4 Ways to Get Out When You’re Stuck in a Rut

    You have to let go of the idea of getting revenge, and focus on creating a life you’re excited to greet every day.

    1. What do you do when you have a jerk ex boyfriend who used you for action all the time and cheated on you throughout? He was never well off so he often made more and more girlfriends to help him out. He pretends to be what he is not. Worst comes worst he puts you down only bcoz of his inferiority.
      I really need some advice here. I have been suffering a lot in the past couple of days since he is enjoying getting layed with the famous chicks of the town doing drugs while I’m stuck at home with a curfew.
      He’s out there enjoying after making me feel like unworthy.
      I was one among the most respected girls in the town, but after dating him I’ve lost all the respect everyone had for me bcoz of his cheap rumours.
      Please tell me how do I overcome this pain. He’s hurt my ego by making me feel like I was part of the people he has dated in the past.
      I’m unable to let go off the hate bcoz of the amount I gave into this relationship.
      I thought I was dating someone of my caliber and standards but it was too late till I found out I wasn’t.
      Our family backgrounds were completely opposite and it was really shameful to tell anyone that I even dated him. I still stayed bcoz I sincerely loved him. He chose to use me and be the stud. Now I see everyone getting layed with him and praising him and calling him a baller for his past experiences. Suggest me a good advice on how to get over it or how to get revenge on someone so awful.

      1. Give me the best advice on how to make him feel like he was the one who lost and make him suffer like I do. I don’t want to put this up as jealousy but how do I do better than him.HOW DO I MAKE MYSELF FEEL LIKE IM NOT AMONG THE 30 GIRLS HE’S DATED IN THE PAST.

  18. Guys how about we exchange each other’s revenge. I will take revenge on your behalf from your ex and you will do the same on my behalf.

  19. I was feeling so dejected and rejected..as my bf started treating me for granted after a relationship of 2 years..2 years back he proposed me and asked for my love care and attention I gave him everything.. Started loving this guy more than anything..tolerated his mood swings,abuses and rudeness still remained with him whenever he needed me..be it a financial, emotional or physical need..he always asked me not to leave him despite of his bad and abusive behaviour as he cant afford to lose me today this same guy is ignoring me like as if I m nothing just a casual friend..he is not even answering my calls and messages..feeling like used for his needs..totally hurt do not know how to come out

  20. I’m still very much hurt because he pretended he loved me, only to get a free stay at my house during his trip through my country. later, he dumped me and run away with a bitch he found out at a beach while he was still at my house.
    he didnt paid for a bread during his stay, later he laughed at my family and me cause we are poor. fast forward to this year, he’s happy with a girlfriend and an healthy 1 year old son, he’s succesful in his endeavors. crazy is that I wait for karma/justice takes place in his life. but unfortunately after 9 years [this was in 2oo7] he keeps smiling with the girlfriend [they are together since 2o11], and now with an healthy son. unfortunately

    I really can’t believe in justice, nor even in karma. this doesn’t exist. I am tired of waiting for those things happen in his life. Now, I found out the picture of his healthy son on his girlfirend’s FB profile. I took hs pictures, distorted them, phtoshop them to look unhealthy, and write lots of things under the pic. He will never know, I do it without his knowledge. Funny is that he thinks I like him, love him. but after 2o14, I was in his country and I ask for his help, he simply ignored me and wrote me lots of lame excuses to me. My rage got stronger.

    Now, I’ll reach him through this kid. If he ever find out those things i’m doing, I’ll simply say: you got what you deserve, fury! Yeah. I know karma doesn’t exist, and i’ll do it myself. I waited for 9 years, and nothing happened to his life. It breaks me seeing he’s succesful, happy with a lame dumb fitness teacher for pregnants and an healthy 1yo son. He loved kids. If he were a good person to my family and me after we helped him, I would not mind at all and I would wish him all the best. But he doesn’t even said a proper ‘thank you’ to my parents who disposed the house to him totally for free. He mocked at us. Unfair. Even while I was in his country, he simply gave me so much lame excuses to me. I feel sad. It’s unfair, I’m tired of waiting. And I’m still alone, while he’s happy with a family???!! How can be it? Karma/God/ justice exist? no, no at all.

  21. Naomi September 22, 2015 at 6:35 pm

    Naomi sounds just exactly like mine. This is a lady i took care of for 2yrs. Gave her 250$ wkly from my paycheck for 2 yrs. I deliberately took a break from her cus of her excessive demands in late 2013. Plus I bought her a car for her birthday of the same year. She messed up the car and that got me really upset and i cut communication intended to last for a week or 2 to relax. But unfortunately, it lasted for 8 months bcus each time she called, always demanded money. So i prevented her from coming to my place until I am comfortable to see her.

    8 months later i called her back but she came with 5 months pregnancy. I was not upset. All i asked for was: “Who is your husband?” She said “no one”. Who is your boyfriend, i asked? She said “no one”. SHe later said he;s just a friend in the hood and sex ‘just happened’. The my final question was you moved on?. SHe never answered till today. She would smile, she would tell me no to worry about it. So i let go and fell in love harder than we were. Took good care of her during and after pregnancy. Bought her baby stuff till baby turns 11 months (December 2015). August 2015 was a bombshell. I discovered her facebook page and read things beyond my imagination. She was actually in love with her baby daddy. All the shopping we did during and after her pregnancy was actually for her and her baby father.

    A place given to her by “good Samaritan” i:e mother-in-law, i paid for it without knowing. Story short, she made me pay for expensive stuff for her and her baby while she sleeps with the dude. I asked many times if she’s in a relationship with her baby father, she reluctantly said objected. Later told me she is not interested in relationship at all. That she;s still young and want to travel the world. I asked: arent you in one with your baby father?. She replied “this is a disaster one….i dont consider this a relationship”. I was happy that i still got a chance however, i paid close attention to her actions rather than words. Both contradict ALL the time. I just ignored all RED FLAGS bcus they arent posing threat to me yet untill December 20, 2015 when her baby father found out about our email communication and challenged her. I was not hiding my affairs with her but she actually hide me from her baby father. Anyways, she told me she loves me but she would severe communication for now to settle things with him cus she doesnt want problem. I asked but you said you arent in relationship with him that you only there for ur child’s sake?. I got no answer to that. On New Year’s Eve, she said to me for the first time what i already knew through her fb page that she loves her babydaddy even though he smokes weed all day and doesnt make him happy bcus he;s the one she has her daughter with. I was hurt but not as much as before. I spent my time and resources on this lady before and after she got pregnant and have baby. What hurts me harder was her threat on the same New Year’s Eve that her babyfahter would kill me. She repeated this many times on the phone and my heart breaks. That was the last time we talked. She would eventually call me back ofcourse becus she owes me money that I specifically considered a loan to rent a place.

    I wont take revenge cus i dont know how to do that and it is not in my best interest. But I am anticipating “exposing” her double life to her family and in-law on facebook. I a about to create fake fb account and friend with her family members and tag them in my posts and photos and videos. That’s my best bet for now. The ONLY reason I would do this is if she doesnt call me by end of January to pay up.

    1. My heart is with you.i totally relate what you are going through, i was broken up with veey brutally n cheated on by ex-boyfriend,
      But i give myself hope that out here in this world there’s a guy who will treat me with respect and love

  22. It’s normal to want revenge, but I’d make myself look like a loser, if I started shouting at an ex, using swear words. Shouting just makes you look like you’ve lost it. I don’t take part in battles with ex’s, or friends ex’s, for that matter. I just walk away, with class and style, with a smug smile on my face, knowing that there’s better quality men out there, who’ll treat me how I treat THEM. Asking for respect, surely isn’t asking much. In future, I won’t let my guard down so quickly. I think I just felt sorry for how his ex wife cheated on him, but even so, it doesn’t mean I had an obligation to take him on. He wants who he wants. I never promised him anything, so I have no right to ask him about his future relationships. His new love life is none of my business, and why would it be? I play no part in his future decisions. I just live and let live. Always remember to walk away with class and style. Hold your head up high. Don’t say a word to the ex. Show no mercy.

  23. He played me, used me, as a rebound, for play time and everything. I gave him everything I have, my love, care, everything he could ask for. I thought he’s okay. I thought we’re okay and then all of a sudden he stopped communicating with me and I ended up like this. I so wanna hurt him in every way that I know. I want the sweetest revenge I could ever think of. I thought he was different, he put on a good show indeed. Hell he’s worse than my previous partner. He left me hanging when he got what he want from me. I’m so full of anger and this pain is still inside me I just want to hurt him. Who has the right to hurt me/ us like that? He betrayed me and stole my heart. I want to get the best revenge ever. I feel so bad after getting the news that he’s with this another girl and that he left me just like that. I want him to suffer more than what I felt.

    1. Use your brain. What was his greatest fear, weakness? What has he ever told you that could ruin him? Think hard. Be as ruthless with him as he was with u. Outside of murder, get him and or everyone and thing he loves. Just think, there is something. Good luck.

  24. These are stupid ways to get revenge on your ex boyfriend. Id rather hire a big burly guy to beat the crap out of him! Or just do some witchcraft, make a voodoo doll out of him and stab his eys with needles!!! Anything than just let it go!!!

    1. I could get one of my big, gangster male friends, to beat him up, but then the ex’s family, would end up rallying round the daft idiot. And I prefer to leave toxic people as far away from me as possible. I’ve never met his family, which just goes to show how serious he really wasn’t, about being with me. It was that old faithful “I’ll look after you” trick that I fell for. Just cos I fell for it THAT time, doesn’t mean I’ll fall for it again. He called himself a gentleman. He couldn’t be more further removed from being an actual gentleman if he tried. What a joke. A gentleman means being with ONE woman for life, not telling a woman she means the whole world to him, while also saying and doing the same stuff to several other women. One day, he’ll meet his match, and I just hope he can live up to it.

  25. I was very much hurt when he left me after taking my money to invest in his hotel and then run off with a tourist who stayed in his hotel.now he is having a new life new family he did not have courage to even apologise. I trusted him and helped him I was badly hurt he has all the happiness while I am so miserabke