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How to Always Be Happy – Blossom Tip 58

Greetings from Tomar, Portugal! Earlier today I explored the Convento de Cristo  a 12th-century castle that was formerly a Knights Templar, monastery, and convent. It kinda made me want to be a nun, cloistered and focused on God.

But then I wouldn’t be able to travel…and exploring castles makes me happy.

Yesterday I climbed several sets of stone stairways to the University of Coimbra, one of Europe’s first and Portugal’s oldest university. It was founded by Jesuits who were passionate about God and academics. They had a purpose: they brought science and faith to people who hadn’t met Jesus. It wasn’t always easy, but these missionaries were happy and fulfilled because they were pursuing what God called them to do. 

Echoes of Portugal’s past reverberate in every corner and alleyway. I also hear them when I read David’s poetry, written thousands of years before these medieval castles, convents, and monasteries were built.

Early this morning I read Psalm 10. One verse jumped out: “Nothing will shake me; I’ll always be happy and never have trouble.”

At first glance, David’s words seem like something a Jesuit priest might have said hundreds of years ago. “Stand firm in the truth and you’ll never feel sad, hopeless or scared!”

But when you look closer, you see the truth.

The truth about happiness

David was writing about a false sense of security that never lasts.

How to Always Be Happy Blossom Tip 58

Knights’ Templar, Tomar

He was referring to people who rely only on themselves. They think they know exactly who and what they need to be happy. They trust their own judgment above all else. They can’t see how vulnerable they are, how impermanent this world is. They refuse to trust God. They allow painful circumstances and confusing situations to shake their faith. They follow their hearts and emotions, whims and impulses…and they believe they’ll never be shaken.

If you think you deserve to feel happy all the time, then you’ll constantly be disappointed. If you think believing in God should protect you from grief, then you’ll stop trusting Him. If you think being a Christian is easy, then you’ll give up at the first sign of trouble.

The truth is that no matter how faithful or good you are, no matter how much you pray, and no matter how often you go to church you’ll face hard times. Your faith will be shaken, you’ll lose people you love, and you’ll be confused and even angered by your life.

Life has always been a mixture of bitter and sweet for everyone, and it always will be. It’s not circumstances or people that make us happy…it’s a solid foundation of faith, love, and identity.

How to always be happy

Expect to experience all types of seasons in your life: easy, hard, fun, sad, joyful, bitter, safe, thrilling, scary, light, dark, boring, adventurous. Enjoy the good seasons, knowing they won’t last. Keep walking through the painful seasons with hope and faith — knowing they will pass and you will feel good again if you can tap into the only wellspring of life that really matters.

I’ve been in almost constant physical pain since I broke my shoulder five weeks ago (Why You’re Safe Everywhere – Blossom Tip 56). Percocet is excellent at relieving the pain for a few hours, but I’ve found something better: an internal source of joy, peace and bounceback-ability. It’s not me being positive or optimistic. It’s Jesus.

How to Always Be Happy – Blossom Tip 58He created you for a purpose — and it’s not just to be happy.

Nobody can be happy all the time…but disciples of Jesus can dig into and permanently live in His wellspring of peace, joy, and freedom. He offers something better and more permanent than happiness.

The secret to long-lasting peace and joy, which the Jesuits shared with Portugal, is to find something you’re passionate about and grow into who God created you to be. It’s to trust Jesus even when you’re heartbroken, to rebuild your relationship with God even after you’ve strayed far away.

What are you passionate about? When you look back on your life, where do you see God’s fingerprints?

With His love from Portugal,



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2 thoughts on “How to Always Be Happy – Blossom Tip 58”

  1. Hi Blossom I have aGrandaughter who os almost 19 years old always in and out of hospital with cutting & other self destructing things I pray everyday for her to be happy always wanting to be perfect and thin like Taylor Swift who is her idol, every hobby she starts never completes and then she self detructs even though at the start she tries its so sad

    1. Hello

      Maybe it is not up to me, but I think she has too much in her life so she can spoil many. Have you consulted to a professional? I would suggest you to make her to do some volunteer charity works for human or animals. Sometimes we can not appreciate what we have in life because we are so lost thinking that we do not have.
      I hope she gets better soon.