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An Easy Way to Start Mending Your Broken Heart 

When a relationship ends, some people quickly bounce back. Others take longer, and still others never pick up the pieces of their broken hearts. Feeling stuck and lonely is no way to live – or to Blossom into who you were created to be! Why do some people heal faster than others? Maybe they know this easy way to start […]

How to Prepare Your Heart to Fall in Love Again

Healing your heart after a breakup or death is the first stage of moving on. The second stage is preparing your heart for a new relationship. How do you take the risk of falling in love again after being hurt in the past? Two She Blossoms readers recently asked for help getting healthy. They want to offer their whole hearts […]

5 Reasons to Take Your “Couples Vacation” After an Unexpected Breakup 

You planned a trip as a couple, but your relationship suddenly ended. The breakup not only broke your heart, it ruined your vacation plans! Should you cancel your trip, or take the vacation with a friend or family member? Before we jump into my reasons why you should take your planned vacation — especially after an unexpected and painful breakup […]

How to Trust Your Intuition After a Failed Relationship

Maybe you’ve heard advice about “trusting your instincts” when you’re in love, but how do you trust your intuition after a failed relationship? After all, your instincts brought you into a past relationship that fell apart. How do you know if can trust yourself to start a new relationship? More importantly, how do you know how to trust other people if […]

When God Says No to the Desires of Your Heart

Having a baby was the desire of my heart; I was 42 when God said no. I prayed, hoped, and believed that God would give me the desires of my heart. Over two decades of wondering, believing, and relying on God’s strength to keep moving forward. We tried fertility treatments, acupuncture, herbal remedies and all sorts of prayers for healing. […]

How to Do the Only Thing You Ever Wanted to Do

You don’t need advice about your relationship, job, family life, or parenting skills. You already know what you want and need to do! The problem is that you don’t know how. You also might be struggling to find the motivation, courage, and strength to actually do it. “The purpose of this book is to remind you of what you already […]