Free Book Give-Away for She Blossoms Readers – Blossom Tip 64

To win a free print copy of my new book Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back, tell me something about yourself in the comments section below. You might share how you found my She Blossoms blogs, what your favorite color is, what you ate for breakfast, or if you’re an introvert or an extrovert.

Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back helps readers walk through loss into a new season of life. I share glimpses into my life growing up with a single mom, living in foster homes, teaching in Africa, recovering from an attempted rape during a home invasion, and coping with infertility. Through the book I weave stories of ten biblical women who suffered loss, healed, and blossomed into who God created them to be.

“It’s all here — the hope, the encouragement, and the hand you want to hold when you’re facing loss and struggling to move on,” says Michelle Medlock Adams, award-winning author of Fabulous & Focused: 365 Daily Devotions for Women Who Work.Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back is invaluable to women who feel lost and alone. Laurie’s stories are heartwarming, her perspective of biblical women is fresh and unique, and her Blossom Tips are useful and creative. There’s something for every woman in this book.”

There are five Blossom Tips in every chapter, each focusing on a different aspect of you are: spirit, heart, soul, body, and mind. The end of each chapter contains five Discussion Questions, which are perfect for small groups, Bible Studies, and personal journaling.

To win your free print copy of Growing Forward, simply say something about yourself below. I’ll put on a blindfold, do a random draw, and personally send a copy to the first name selected. 

Free Book Give-Away for She Blossoms Readers – Blossom Tip 64
Growing Forward

But wait, there’s more! My publisher — Bethany House — is also giving away a few free copies of Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back to She Blossoms readers who live in the United States. I’ll draw several additional names; those lucky winners will receive a free copy directly from the publishing house.

Comments will be closed at 5 pm Pacific time on Friday, December 14. I’ll do the draw over the weekend, and email the winners on Monday, December 17.

To win a free copy of Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back, go to the comments section below and tell me something about yourself. What is your favorite food? How long have you been following my She Blossoms blog? What new season of life are you in? How is your relationship with Jesus? Where in the world do you live? Anything goes!

Here’s a peek into chapter 3 (Digging Deeper With Hagar), to give you an idea of what to expect…

Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back – Chapter 3 Excerpt

Growing up, I knew only a few things about my father: His name was John,  he lived with his wife and children in Israel, and he was Jewish. And he loved to eat, especially fish! He introduced my mom to halvah, a rich Middle Eastern dessert. I didn’t meet him until I went to Jerusalem when I was twenty-nine years old.

Born and raised near the Old City in Jerusalem, my father traveled to Vancouver when he was about twenty-five, in the late sixties. He had a purpose: to earn money, return to Israel, and buy a tire shop. He didn’t plan on meeting my Christian mom or getting her pregnant. Nor did he plan on abandoning a baby girl in Canada or keeping us a secret from his family.

My mom didn’t plan on the seasons she faced, either. She never thought she’d live in a home for unwed mothers, pregnant and alone. She didn’t plan on meeting and marrying a different man, having another daughter (my half-sister), or getting divorced after three years. She didn’t plan on raising two girls as a single mom—nor did she plan on living with nervous breakdowns and paranoid schizophrenia for the rest of her life.

And I never planned on spending my childhood moving in and out of foster homes, living on welfare, getting groceries from food banks, wandering from city to city and school to school. I couldn’t wait to grow up so I could live on my own. When my stormy childhood season finally ended, I was happier than I dreamed possible.

That’s the good news about bad seasons. They end.


If you’re coping with a difficult, painful season in life — remember that it will end. You won’t always feel this way. You will start to feel more hopeful and happy about your future. Your mood will lift, your spirits will rise, and your heart will be filled with joy. It will take time…but this, too, will pass.

You will grow forward — because you can’t go back! And you will blossom into who God created you to be.

Don’t forget to share something about yourself in the comments section below to win a free copy of Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back. I’ll do the free She Blossoms Book Give-Away draw over the weekend, and email the winner by Monday December 17.

With His love,



New on She Blossoms

From my “She Blossoms Through the Bible” project — each article is inspired by a chapter in Genesis.

3 Signs You Can Trust a Man With Your Heart – The hardest thing about starting a new relationship – or rebuilding trust in a damaged relationship – is the risk of heartbreak. How do you know if you can trust a man with your heart? What if he leaves or betrays you, stops loving you, or destroys your trust in him? Genesis 24 gives us three solid signs. 

Coping With Loneliness After You Lose Your Husband – “I’m not only grieving the loss of my wife,” writes James in How to Recover From Loss and Survive Grief. “I’m also grieving the loss of our happy union, daily interactions, and lifestyle. My daily life went from happy, laughing, and enjoyment to missing my wife terribly. I’m trying to cope with loneliness as well as her terrible suffering and death.” He is not alone — and neither are you. Genesis 23 tells us how Abraham grieved his wife Sarah’s death and how we, too, can move forward after loss.

How to Trust God When You Feel Scared – Maybe you’re worried about your relationship, or you’re trying to trust God though a difficult breakup or divorce. Maybe you’re scared of losing your job, home, family member or even your own child. How do you trust God when you feel scared and alone, lost and confused? Genesis 22 gives us a few clues about trusting Him through it all.

How to Break Free From a Toxic Ex Relationship – I recently stumbled across an article called “Break the Chains” in a 2017 issue of Mindful magazine. One of the hardest things after a breakup or divorce is learning how to fill the emptiness when you miss your ex. Even toxic ex relationships leave a hole in our homes, hearts, and lives. In this article, I share three tips for breaking the chains of an unhealthy relationship.



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82 thoughts on “Free Book Give-Away for She Blossoms Readers – Blossom Tip 64”

  1. Pastor Obinna Njoku

    I am Obinna Njoku, my favourite colour is BLUE. I was reading online one day when I came across one of your write-ups. I don’t regret the free weekly Blossom tips.

  2. I found your site by searching for how to get over your ex… about me..I have two amazing kids that God allowed me the privilege to love and raise…. I love my daddy God with my whole heart and love giving to others and getting someone to smile- I walked away recently from the love of my life who divorced me 3 years ago and it was a very abusive marriage and the relationship I had after my marriage to my kids father ended from lies and other issues. A year and half of healing, counseling and amazing growth for me..he came back and told me he loved me and God told him to make it right with me… a year and a half later the only difference was the anger wasn’t there… still unhealthy, one sided relationship and being used- for the first time in my life with God’s help and strength I walked away and chose me- which was so hard and scary because I don’t want to walk this life alone and have an empty house to face day in and day out yet I knew I didn’t want to live a life trying to convince someone to love me and now I am struggling with maybes and the what if’s…and am thankful for finding this site in this season I now walk again!!

  3. My beloved husband had cancer for 8 years and died a death so terrible that I still have trouble sleeping. His cancer was as if he wasn’t even sick but the last 6 months he lived was something from a science fiction or scary demonic movie. I wont go into the awful details. My house burned a year after he passed and I lost my dog, he was my best friend and my darling cats we had for 10 years. I’ve lost so much so fast I cant seem to find myself so I work or study but I am dead. I dont know where to start. I say pray to people but I cant.Its been 4 years since the fire and 5 since my husband passed and it feels like yesterday. I dont expect to hear back so dont feel like you should reach out. Nothing will change except the day.

    1. Cathy,
      I am sooooo sorry for your losses.
      How have you managed to cope all these years?
      Do you have loving people around you?
      Here, there are people who will reach out to you, like I have. We all understand grief and loss and sorrow and, and, and…..
      It’s been a year since my husband passed and the pain I carry in my heart is heavy. I have also lost pets and this is another grief and sadness to carry. Often pets console us like noone else can. I understand.
      Your home. Wow.
      Thank goodness you are safe.
      God has granted you courage and strength to keep on. You have reached out here.
      Hope this offers a tiny speck of encouragement.
      Best for 2019.

  4. Congratulations to Holly, Judy, Gina, Jean, and Julie for winning a free copy of Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back in the Free Book Give-Away for She Blossoms Readers. Enjoy reading it.

    Dr. Khrienuo

  5. Im very happy i came across this… i hope to win the Book… i think it Will help me not to grieve the loss of my other Half in march. All i do is think of him

  6. Thank you, everyone, for entering my free book give-away!
    I emailed five lucky She Blossoms winners 🙂 Holly, Gina, Judy, Julie, and Charlotte. And I’m sending a copy of Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back to Jean, in the UK. You’ll get your copies in the mail within a week or two.
    Blessings and blossoms,

  7. I’m from buffalo new York I like pot roast or pork roast I live alone my daughter lives down stairs we are still struggling with my wife hemothers death 8months ago I pray everyday and ask god to help us through this s sometimes it becomes unbearable but she always use to tell me if anything ever happens to her always take care of Dana her daughter and I will thank you for your love

  8. Thanks so much for your insight & encouragement. Recently my husband of 28yrs. filed for divorce, devastating our three teenagers & myself. There was no infidelity only a changing of his heart & now ours are broken. Going forward is so hard but I find help in your articles and advice. I know it will get better but most days it doesn’t seem like it.

  9. Hi…..I love She Blossoms and Laurie’s insight. I stumbled across this site about 2 years ago when I lost my husband unexpectedly. He was only 55 years old and we were about to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. I was completely lost, as are most of all of us. I follow Laurie’s facebook page, as well as this blog, which keeps me going and gives me a purpose.
    With the holidays upon us, I wish everyone a peaceful season — and remember what the season is about. We need to lean on each other and give support. Thank you everyone for helping me on this journey.

  10. Hello,

    My name is Harika, writing from Phoenix, AZ USA. I love your blog and its helping me with my ongoing divorce and the death of a best friend..I know its lot of grief at ones and I am just 31 yrs old. Many people have done it, and I am sure I can survive this storm as well. Love you all, especially Laurie for creating a healing platform for people like me. I am hoping to win the free book 🙂


  11. Laurie charmed me at our first meeting at at the Oregon Christian Writer’s Conference in Portland, Oregon. She is living proof of God’s generous, restorative grace–she just keeps blossoming in spite of life’s challenges. And — she teaches us to do the same. Thank you, Laurie!

    I am retired and live in a Portland, Oregon rural suburb. I like to write, read, watch movies, take care of friends’ pets, water exercise, and enjoy nature.

  12. I can’t remember how I came across your blog other then it was accidental because I was looking for something else. It’s true there are no accidents or coincidences. I look forward to receiving your emails and feel like they always speak to me. If you ever experience a day where you’re unsure whether what you do matters please know you touch so many women’s lives by sharing your story. Not only that but you reference relevant Scriptures. Thank you for your time and your inspiration.

  13. I did an internet search on “how to leave your husband when you have no money”, and lo and behold, I found Laurie’s article with the same title. I bookmarked the article and refer back to it frequently. Bonus: when I took the time to check out the rest of Laurie’s site, I was pleasantly surprised to see that even though we come from similar backgrounds, she has found a way, with the help of Jesus, to thrive beyond the pain. I’ve been seeking a better relationship with Him for a long time. It’s been encouraging to know that I’m not alone in negotiating all of the ups and downs of this life.

  14. Dear Laurie,
    Hello & thank you so much for all of your inspiration & your loving energy that I feel in all of your blogs. I Found your blog only a month or so ago when I was searching for all that could possibly help & guide me through this traumatic season in my life where my relationship of 33 years ended so abruptly & so painfully. Your articles , with inspiration turning to God, to Jesus our Lord & Savior spoke to me & I felt like God lead me here to you. I Feel teary reading through some comments posted ,as how alone we feel in this time of our lives,yet other stories are so close to my own. I have never lived alone , and was only 18 when my relationship started. I also had suffered trauma as a child & teen, my mother was bi-polar & had scary psychotic breaks. On so many levels I felt a connection with you Laurie ,and a light at the end of the tunnel ,with reading about your own transformation and growing forward,gives me hope that I will too. You have an incredible way of writing as if you are speaking to we readers, as lifelong girl~friends. Thank you so much ,you are beautiful on the inside and out Laurie & wishing you love,blessings and an abundance of Good Luck with the launch of your book!🍀
    With Soul Sister Love 🌻
    Holly 💓
    Rhode Island, USA

  15. Hi everyone. My name is Robyn and I live in Australia. I am so sorry for your losses and the pain that it brings. Remember you are not alone in grief, as these comments and Laurie’s reach shows . . there are sisters all across the world who are taking it one day at a time along with you. Together we are strong. I came across Laurie through google, driven by my own grief rather than a Christian perspective. I like the way you don’t have to be a believer to get something from what Laurie says – it is another tool to use, so I take what speaks to me and I appreciate her honesty, generosity and humanness. I have teenage children and a ten year old, love the theatre, fish and chips at the beach, cooking from around the world, bush-walking, a good red wine when I can afford it, the public library and being curious about the world. Take care and stay safe.

  16. Hi! I was praying one day that God would give me guidance through the struggles of a relationship and found She Blossoms through a web search. My name is Pam and i’ve Been a Christian since I was fairly young. Your posts have help encourage and empower me more than you can imagine. I always look forward to reading them. I pray for you at times that God will continue to use you to bless others. 🙂

  17. Hi! My name is Hashir.Iam 17 years old.I live in Karachi Pakistan. I really love to read laurie pawlik’s emails which I get.let me tell you about myself, iam an aquarian that means that my view on life is Realistic. Iam not happy all the times so I read inspiration quotes or watch some motivational videos. Its hard to find good people but I find them and talk to them then I feel happy. My favourite country is Canada and i love I just want to say thanks to laurie pawlik or she’s blosssom to overcome my loneliness! And i would like to read this book and love it!

  18. Hi Laurie

    I stumbled across your website and I must admit I didn’t really take much notice of the content at the time. However, I looked back at it when I was in need of spiritual guidance and I found your words inspired me. You have been through a traumatic time in your early days and this made me thank God for my life, albeit stressful at times. I am a Christian but I’m not practising as I don’t go to church any longer. I am so lucky in my life but I have had my trials and tribulations that I keep going through even now. I would love your book please to give me that extra confidence and joy each day that I need. Thank you…love and blessings to everyone

  19. Dr Khrienuo Dziivichii

    Hi! My name is Khrienuo. I came across your website while trying to get publishing information for articles(knowingly) and while going through a tough time, physically, mentally, professionally and spiritually (unknowingly). Reading your mails and articles bring such joy and comfort to the soul.
    I am from Kohima, Nagaland-India. I currently live in Trichy, Tamil Nadu-India (approximately 3373 kms away from my home state), with my 7 year old son and husband. My husband has got three siblings (of this, two are from his stepmother), and I have nine siblings. My son has got three cousins from his father’s side (of this, two are from his father’s half sister) and twenty-five from my side and counting.
    Coming from a big family and a very close knitted community, in many ways, I miss my family and people, and specially at this time of the year, with Christmas approaching, my thoughts refuse to let go the spirit of the season at home. There, the festive season sets in with December 1 (Statehood day & holiday), a day on which families and churches clean up and put up decorations for Christmas. Christmas feasts take place at different places in different ways, the most important, can’t miss ones being-
    1. The family Christmas feast
    2. The neighbourhood Christmas feast
    3. The church Christmas feast
    This is the 8th year I am missing out on these feasts, due to the difference in academic year schedule. This morning, I had a banana with broken wheat for breakfast, all the time thinking of Christmas at home.
    If I were at home, like everybody else, I would have taken rice with some vegetable/meat stew.

    Anybody relate to this? 🙂

  20. So looking forward to your book and I know it will be fabulous, just like your blogs! I’m inspired and blessed each Wednesday by your words of healing, strength & comfort. At this season of grief I am going through, your emails are a Godsend!!! Thank you, sweet Laurie, and may God continue to bless you!!!

  21. Hi Laurie, I am really glad to chance upon your blog when I was at a really low point in my life. I had to end a relationship but couldn’t bring myself to do it. However, reading your blogs gave me a sense of calm and direction. After the relationship ended, I continued reading your blog and weekly emails and I am putting more effort into self-care as well. Thank you so much, Laurie.

  22. I’ve been married for 43 years to the same man; although most of those years have been very challenging. I should be at a time where I enjoy my life. But, I feel more alone than ever before. At times, I feel angry at myself for devoting my life to someone who is narcissistic and will never be able to love me as God intended. The emotional abuse, cheating, and narcissistic behavior have beaten me down so much that I have very little self esteem.
    I really enjoy your articles and try to look to the future but I continue to struggle with being positive.

  23. I’m not sure how to do this,but here it goes. I woul like to be entered in the free book give away. I’m grieving the loss of my Husband —-David—– after 38 1/2 wonderful years of . marriage I met David while he was coaching the ladies softball team from Church. Dave was a caring loving Husband. He struggled with illness the last 11 years. I worked full-time and was his 24/7 care giver and supporter.; which I did out of love. He was my everything and best friend. He always encouraged me and made me laugh. I miss him so much. I want to thank you for your encouragement and support , caring and concern. Your tips have helped me tremendously thru the grieving process. I know I have along way to go but know I will be able to make it. This is the first time I have ever lived alone and it’s hard. I know God will help me every step of the way and when God’s plan for me is finished—-I’ll be reunited with Dave in Heaven. What a Good Thing to look forward to.

  24. Hello Laurie,

    We’ve corresponded before and I’ve been following your blog for a few months. You inspire me. Like you and many others I’ve faced rough times. I like to think of myself as a warrior, not a victim. My relationship with God gives me strength. I live in Seattle, just started a great new job. I have hope for a good future. My favorite foods are anything from the sea, pizza, and pasta.


  25. I’m a introvert (INFJ), and an HSP (highly sensitive person), so life and people can be a challenge. I found your blog and have loved everything you’ve written. I love Jesus and need him every minute of the day. I wouldn’t know how to navigate life without Him.

  26. I would really like a free copy of this book. My husband left me after 33 years of marriage for another woman.
    I am trying to grow forward and not look back but it’s really hard. I am trying to fulfill my loneliness but as soon I walk into my empty home it all comes back to me thinking about my ex being with someone new and me being all alone. I just want to turn off my brain.
    I know he is not coming back to me so I need to learn how to grow forward without him.

  27. Hi my name is jenny, thank you for helping me not feel so down, I lost my mom nearly 2years ago so Christmas was already hard but in November my dad was ill and had a operation he was then put in a induced coma but he never woke up and on the 21of November his life support machine was turned off and he died 2hours later and I’m struggling cause I have my dad’s funeral next Tuesday the 18th December and it don’t know how to cope now both my parents have died and both around Christmas time, please pray for me and my children has we are finding this so hard love jenny xxc

  28. I am from NJ. I grew up in a negative environment. I always thought I would be a mom, but i just had many miscarriages, then finally a hysterectomy. I am facing golden age with no children, no career and feeling lost at times. I’ve had abusive relationships when I was younger and faced the death of nice guy I dated when I was 24. I fight anxiety and depression. I work part time because full time is not yet available and most think i’m bubbly an happy but inside very nervous and unsure and afraid. I have tendencies to be compulsive and have to be mindful to stay clear of things that may be addictive. I’ve never learned coping skills growing up, i learned a lot of bad behaviors and thinking. I’m trying to be aware of what I do and think to change and have made progress but its not an overnight fix. I love animals. I love to help people.

  29. Hi Laurie
    My name is Carol and I came across your site by Googling how to get over a broken heart. I love reading and learning from you. You have a kindness that shines and can be felt. Thank you so much for sharing your story to help others!


  31. Hi,

    My name is Jonelle. I have 3 children and 7 grands. Being a survivor of domestic violence and having my children affected by the abuse has taken a big chubk from my life. But I have come so far. All my children are grown now and on their own. For me, I push through life and my children give me hope! God is a constant friend and one I can trust. I came across your site when I was seeking advice about being in a relationship with the man I met almost a year ago. I love art, singing, laughing, and quiet times. Thanks for wanting to know something about me. 🙂


  32. I would love to win a copy of your book. I have for s year now a women’s group of praying for our adult children. It would be lovely to use your book during our sessions to encourage and inspire us

  33. I am grieving the loss of my hubby😞 who passed away in March this year. I brought him to hospital when he felt unwell. He was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He did not recover from the surgery and left 16 days after admitting into hospital. I feel so guilty for sending him to his death. If only he didn’t go to the hospital…….😭😭😭😭

    I am glad I found your site. It gives me encouragement and hope but it has been almost ten months I still feel so sad and guilty………😭😭😭😭

    1. Carmen, I too am grieving my husband. He too, felt totally unwell and I called 911. He died in a month.
      I have been holding on to that for a year. It has been a year Nov. 4th. I didn’t label my feelings as guilt for taking him there until I just read your post. Wow. I have guilt about everything like why didn’t I notice his illness and why I waited so long and why and why.. .
      Sorry for your loss. May God guide you during this horrificly lonely journey.


    2. Im so sorry for your loss… i loss my partner in march as well, on the 20th & my birthday was the 28th. We had been together for 5 years & i feel like a part of miss is missing. We argued and never got a chance to make up & ITS eatting me up inside. 😢 im so lost

  34. For the book – I did radio commercials as a kid. I just happened to be at the radio station my Mom worked at when they needed a child’s voice. I ended up doing three commercials. It was really fun.

  35. Hello,

    I left an abusive addict a few years ago.

    The way out is hard, but you can do it. When you want to go back keep reaching out for support.

    Research on-line how to do it safely. See a few lawyers. Let friends and family know about your situation.

    The way out is there. Make a plan and go when the time is right for you. And try to get alimony for life. If he gets the kids, fine. Then you can work and prepare for your retirement and get some healing. Your kids will need a healthy mom when they get older.

    Hugs, love, prayers


  36. For the last 4 months, I have been struggling with coming to terms with my fiancé leaving me. We were due to be married next March and had the church booked and plans made. I came home one day to find him gone and every part of him gone. I was devastated and have found it the hardest thing to deal with the pain and rejection of losing him. I’m slowly starting to accept it and trying to let him go in my heart but it is not easy. I still love him loads and long to have back but I know God has took him from me for a reason. God is helping me to rebuild my life and trust him alone. I’m moving house and recently started a new job and going to a church. Gods grace is sufficient and this site has been really encouraging helping me to work through my pain and to begin to move forward. I’ve cried every day since my fiancé left but am beginning to have hope and find God’s peace in my heart. God is close to the broken hearted and can make us whole if we give our hearts to him.

  37. For the last 4 months I’ve been coming to terms with my fiancé leaving me…we were due to be married next March, we’d booked the church and made lots of plans, I came home one day, to find him gone. My world has been completely turned upside down. I’ve been dealing with the loss of him, am moving house to a new area and just started a new job. I was devastated and turned to God who’s grace has helped me to keep going and giving me the strength to re build my whole life again. The articles on this site have been a huge help and encouragement to me through dealing with the pain and rejection of him leaving me. I love him so much but know I need to let him go, it’s still not easy but with God’s help, I’m getting stronger each day.

  38. I’ve been struggling with an emotionally abusive marriage for 23 years and made the mistake of getting involved emotionally with a single man last year that I fully regret. I broke that off but I am left miserable, guilty, sad, angry, confused (please don’t judge me). I’m also at a point in my life where my children are not needing me like they used to. One will soon be college-bound, and since I was a stay-at-home mom, I’m struggling to find my purpose in life. Life isn’t easy ,and I thank God I found your site because it has helped me find the strength to get through each day. I am a Christian and I know we were never promised an easy/happy life, but man… it’s hard. Thank you for your blog.

    1. Hi lost and broken,
      I left an abusive relationship with an addict a few years ago. I had no idea how to move forward. Please go to the nearest domestic violence place and file a report. This is what my therapist told me to do. After that, try to get to a therapist who specializes in your type of situation. It does not need to be a Christian one. Just find someone to support you. Try to go to some sort of divorce group or al-anon so you can meet some people who understand your situation. Contact your family and see who will help you and in what tangible way.

      Then figure out what you can do for work. If you can go to school on your husband’s dime. do it. You have supported him all these years and saved the family tons of $$. If you need to start with remedial classes that’s ok! You can do it!! Being a therapist or school counselor are suggestions. Accounting maybe? You will figure it out as you move along.

      Go see a few lawyers. Some give free consults or discounted services to abused women. Read a divorce for dummies book so you don’t make the same mistakes the rest of us did. Look for websites on how to leave an abuser/narcissist, to get tips. Divorce is a dark 3-5 years so brace yourself for that. It gets worse before it starts to get better. DivorceCare saved my sanity.

      Ok, so you goofed up with this guy. It’s ok, we all goof up when we are scared and at the end of our wits. Give yourself permission to make mistakes, forgive yourself and move forward. We have all been there, or will be at some point.

      Perhaps you feel forgotten by God. I certainly did. You do everything right and still lose out. It’s not fair and it sucks. Journal and cry that out everyday. You can’t scare god away from you by being mad. Continue to be honest.

      Hide and stash as much $$ as you can. Mine drained tha accounts and cut of ALL my cards as soon as I left. Some people get 20$ everytime they go to the grocery.

      It may seem to you that no good could possibly come from this. NONE. That all of the pain you are facing is because god has forgotten you. I guess what I would want to say to you, is that every bit of pain that is in your history or your future will be used. You will meet women like you who need support, counsel, help, and encouragement and you will emerge from this strong and able to understand them. You will have a new compassion and lasting humility that is so needed in today’s church.

      Think of yourself as Joseph in the jail for all those years and hold in the back of your mind that he emerged a leader, and so will you.

      You can do what it takes to find safety. And your children will learn that abuse is not acceptable. You will be happy again on the other side and you will make a good life for yourself.

      I am praying for you today. Hugs and love


  39. Hi everyone.🙂 Finding She Blossoms a couple years ago has been a God-send! There are articles for so many seasons in life, and I’ve read a lot of them that have inspired me to hold on through things like depression (due to bipolar disorder), guilt over past mistakes, and through my struggle to find myself again after losing myself for the past five years.

    A few other things about me- I love God, my family, and my cat, Onyx. I’m also working on getting back into writing again. I want to help people love themselves and others.

  40. I resonate with many of the comments about how applicable your writing is to my life. It’s as if God is sending it just to me, just when I need it! It’s amazing & really helps provide a light during tough times & fun for a soul-boost. Thanks 🙂 <3

  41. Thanx Laurie. I’m going thru a difficult divorce. Your blog is a light at the end of the tunnel. Im in nova scotia. Love your inspiring messages. Would lovevto win a copy of your new book. 😊❤️

  42. I had just lost my husband and I was desperate for something, anything to comfort me. So, I browsed the net and I came across She Blossoms and one of your posts and your personal story.
    But what hooked me in was your first few lines.
    paraphrasing, If you found this site, you were meant to be here. I felt the need to continue reading and I’ve been here ever since.
    Your posts are so inspirational and truthful and have made me search within myself, my faith and my grief.
    Thank you.
    I would love your book.

  43. Hey Laurie,
    Thank you for this opportunity to be the lucky winner of your drawing for your new book! My name is Ginny andvits only been two weeks since I signed up on Facebook to follow you. I live in Maryland, been married for 18 years and still working hard to keep my marriage together. It’s a daily task but with the Grace of God, he is guiding my paths. I would love a free copy of your book but perhaps someone else may need to be the winner and I can purchase it when it comes out. Either way, my intent is to read the book.
    You gave me a glimmer a hope on a cloudy day. Thank you!

  44. Hi Laurie,
    Your website/blogs are wonderful! Thank you for sharing your life stories to help others. I hope you have a blessed Christmas season!

  45. Hi, I am Jerica. I was interested in the book until it said to tell a little about yourself. At first I didn’t want to, I know everyone lives are so extraordinary. I don’t feel that way about myself. I have felt like a waste not really sure if I can do anything. Well, I do know something is there. But not why. I have been depressed since I was 11 years old. Sex always seem to confuse and haunt me. I had a on & off addiction to chat lines. It was an escape for me like another world where no one knew my issues. But I ended up being caged in even more. Never leaving the house became a little scared to at times. I just didn’t like myself when I got off the phone.
    Raised by my mother, she died last year. She was the only one I felt outside of God who loved me. I have been trying to cope without her being here. Looking for love in all the wrong places. God revealed so much truth about people I thought were my friends and family. I finally met my father some time after my mother passed. He just didn’t care. How is it easy to not care about your child ? Just no emotion. I don’t know maybe things happened to him. People don’t become that way for no reason. I just felt unlovable at that moment. It makes me feel guilty to feel this way because I know others have truly suffered more.
    Trying to accept God’s love it’s so hard to believe that He loves me because I don’t feel important. Why would He love me ? I never worked, I don’t feel successful. But yet He keeps waking me up and helped me survive all those times. I’m still not sure why. But He put a fight in me. Who I can help ? I want to help but how God ?What can I do for your Kingdom Lord ? Wow I didn’t expect to type out so much. This actually lifted things off of me a bit. So I thank God right now. And I thank Him for all of you. These blogs have helped me.

  46. Hi. I was pleasantly surprised to come upon your website by “accident”, during a difficult time and your writings have changed my perspectives ! I am a widow, I now have one cat (one died November 4th). I am helping in raising my 5 year old Goddaughter who needs mothering. I pray every day for God’s guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

  47. I Left a toxic relationship with someone else and then the one with myself. Because “Laurie – She Blossoms”, we share the same first name. It was nice to read timely and poetic insight from “myself”. I forwarded one of your newsletters to a friend and it helped them as well. New in Christ, I enjoy real, heart-felt, truthful and candid guidance from your experience and perspective. Thank you for your drawings, they make my heart blossom!

  48. I am struggling through a emotional abusive relationship. I know in my heart I don’t want this in my life anymore. It’s so hard to hurt someone you love. I have hurt long enough.
    Life is way to short to live this way.
    Your readings are helping me through.
    In God I Trust..

  49. Hi there from lovely Cambridgeshire! We’re in a real turmoil here at this time. So many confusing messages mainly due to our political situation and our insane voting system.
    But when I’m stressed I just say ‘the lord is my shepherd and I shall not want!’ Works every time. Something always looks up☺️. Then I recite the Nicean Creed to ground me! I’m so blessed. Love to all my sisters and brothers blossoming out there x Laura

  50. Good afternoon and thank you for your inspiring words of encouragement. So soothing to the reader. I am a grandmother,wife and mother just trying to make it every day. This has been a trying year for me and my family. But I m trusting the Lord for all he has for me and my family and all of the trials along the way. I found your website at a time when I truly needed these words of encouragement. Thank you so very much for your words of encouragement and I thank God for using you to reach women everywhere and sharing your life s experiences and being so transparent, it truly helps the reader and I thank you also for this contest and I look forward to reading your book to be further encouraged.
    Thank you for your thoughtful ways and kindness that spew off the pages you write to all women, God knows we need all the encouragement today. May we continue to lift one another up for Christ sake! GOD BLESS you and praying for our Heavenly Father to continue to use you for His Glory and for His Kingdom. Amen!

  51. I am a domestic abuse survivor. If I didn’t leave, I might not be here to write this. And yet I still find myself struggling with the mental and emotional shackles, as well as a practically constant self-blaming and negative internal thought track. I got out. I don’t want to go back. But many days I am struggle to move forward.

  52. I started reading your messages when I lost my dog and was looking for words to comfort me. I have been a faithful reader ever since.
    I am in my 70’s and still employed as an RN. I have had several loses in my life and have also been thankful for God’s provision through my life. I appreciate your words of hope and your honesty in presentation about life’s complex situations. I look forward to reading your book.

  53. Hello lovely! Thank you for the opportunity! Something about my years up until now have been so different from how they have been the last two years of myself shifting into a completely new spectrum of perspectives. I really relate to moving forward when you cannot go back, because staying so rooted in the past hurt and joys has never made life any easier. Once you know better, that’s it! It’s far more important to be in each and every moment presently and fully than it ever was ruminating or projecting my future, how inflexible I though. Many beautiful things come our way when we don’t plan out every detail. I’d much rather do each day what’s going to make me happy and work towards goals with an open mind and heart than pressure myself anyday!!

  54. I found your site while looking for healing from emotional abuse. My husband and I are currently working on the relationship. However, I am still working on myself and getting me to confidence. It has been a hard road but God is good.

    1. I was verbally and emotionally abused growing up and unfortunately, I ended up marrying a narcissistic, emotionally abusive man. 🙁 . What sucks is I can’t say I wish I didn’t marry him because I never would’ve had my three little angels, but it’s been a very lonely 23 years.
      Anyway, I guess I just wanted to reach out and wish you the best. I truly hope you find your self-confidence and self-worth.

  55. Your blogs are soothing, heart-warming, encouraging. I found an article of yours “randomly” while going through a google search, then proceeded to read your articles for 2 hours and signed up for your “Blossom tips.” Thank you for your support, touch, and consistency. I would read your book if i won it!

  56. I came across your blog as I was researching ideas for my book that I’m trying to write. It’s going to be about my struggles with being a bipolar Christian and how mental health and Christianity can coexist. I also want to encourage others that you CAN have a mental health problem and still be a Christian. It’s all about leaning on the Lord for strength. 🙂

  57. Amazing Laurie! I am grateful for breathing each day and the amazing transforming power of our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ! I am learning to steward my life after living 20 years with domestic violence and finally realizing it wasn’t me that was causing his behavior. He was making choices and so was I. I survived to thrive by the Grace of God!

  58. I thought losing my husband to brain cancer 6 yrs ago & grieving his death was the worst test of my faith; but, I was wrong. Three years ago, I remarried a man who I knew would cherish my heart forever. Who wouldn’t think a Sr Pastor would do any other. Maybe if the Sr Pastor didn’t have his mother living with him and three teenagers who despised me, then it would be different. I don’t know but we are separated. And now I am grieving the death of my husband all over again and my dr just diagnosed me w/Major Depressive Disorder. I had to stop teaching and I can barely take care of my 13 yr old son who hates me because not only did he lose his father but I made us move into a home where the teenagers bullied him and disrespected me. When I saw the title of your book, I jumped on the site!! I definitely am not going back to what life was like and I am praying God will use this pain to grow me into a woman to be used for His Kingdom.

  59. I believe God used She Blossoms to provide strength and support for me at a time that I really didn’t know exactly how much it would be needed. A few short weeks after I began reading the articles, my husband of 21 years walked out without warning, leaving me devastated and with 5 beautiful children to raise. This past year has been a season of hurt and rebuilding. Every day I’m unsure of the ground beneath my feet. Our lives have forever been changed. Thank you for your support and remember us in your prayers!!🙏 God bless you for all that you do💖

  60. I live on a farm in upstate NY. I am overwhelmed with grief today for two sons who have passed away. My oldest just 3 1/2 months ago.
    Most days I can move forward. But I am stuck today.
    God is faithful.

  61. Hello,

    First of all, I would like to thank Laurie, she has been an inspiration to me, she has opened my eyes to many aspects of my life that I couldn’t quite get my mind around. I am married, 25 years of age with an amazing husband. It’s been a tough year for me, but I am practising gratitude and I am thankful for all the things I have in my life so far, and I am excited for the things yet to come. Thank you Laurie, I would love to read your book! Georgina xxx

  62. Hello! I can’t tell you enough how much I’ve enjoyed reading your work. Every topic seems to align with something I’m coping with and helps keep me looking UP instead of trying to navigate through life on my own. So, thank you.

    My name is Aimee, I live in Ohio (USA), just turned 40 this year and I’m certainly not where I thought I would be at this time in my life. On the other hand, I know I needed to go through the various challenges in my to become closer to God. I’m a single mom of two amazing children (son 10, daughter 9), was baptized last fall and I’ve been trying to work through life’s heartaches. I want my children to see that, although difficult, it’s necessary to find yourself, deal with your troubled heart and to seek God with each and every experience; good, bad and everything in between. I’m still a work in progress, but I think we are always growing and learning. Many things don’t reveal themselves within us until we face different experiences. There’s also a difference in knowing things logically and believing it in our hearts.

    Even if my name isn’t drawn, I plan to buy your book when finances allow. Your words, your strength and your wisdom are truly cherrished. Thank you for sharing your experiences and vulnerability with the world. You are truly making a difference for countless people. ❤

  63. Haley Christine Gosnell

    I found this website online when i was looking for daily devotions and the website popped up and it is very helpful.My favorite color is periwinkle or lavender.I had me a a hot pocket or brunch (breakfast and lunch together).I am an extrovert, i love being a quirky person and I love being a happy person too.Being a happy christian makes me feel amazing.

  64. Hi Laurie,
    Thanks for the opportunity to win your book and I’d love to be one of the lucky ones who do! I’m 56 years old..married to a very wonderful man for almost 34 years and we have a beautiful 25 year old son who is still living home with us while working full time. I found you I believe it was on Facebook..I had been searching for articles on comfort and understanding regarding the loss of our dear little chihuahua Pepper this past October. We raised him from a puppy and had him almost 17 years. I’m so grateful to Jesus for giving to us this beautiful sweet gift of Pepper but my heart has been broken since his passing, he was such a big part of my day, each day, for so very long. I myself was his ‘chosen one’ and he never took his eyes off of me each day, he was truly my little sweet mascot. Your words helped me so much, so many people do not understand the bond we can have with animals. To read words of understanding like yours really helped me and is still helping me now. I still cry each day for my little guy, he died on October 8th, very unexpectedly. I’m thankful we got to have him for so long, but my heart is truly broken over his absence. Thank you Laurie for your comfort and do hope I am one of the lucky winners! I’d love to read your book. Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you and your family!

  65. My husband died violently on August 9, 2018 after our almost 54 years of marriage. I am still reeling from losing him. I have yet to have one full day without crying. Praying that time will help me adjust to a life without him. Maybe your book would help me. Thanks for the chance to be the winner.

  66. Good afternoon
    I so enjoy receiving my emails from you! You uplift me.. I am a recently single middle aged woman trying to find me! Thanks for everything

  67. I loved the excerpt from your book, Chapter 3. Reminded me of feeling bad because you have no shoes, until you see someone with no feet.
    No matter what troubles I have faced in life, (and I have) for you and your Mom they have been so overwhelming!
    You are truly an overcomer Laurie!
    Right now, I am trying a reconciliation with my husband after 25 years apart. Daunting! I read your articles for support. I am a Christian and they help me. Pray for us. He is a good man but struggles with emotional things as we all do, from childhood or life in general, but it can be tough.
    My Mom always said, “Never judge anyone, unless you live their exact life, experience everything they did, or walk in their shoes. If you did…you may do or say or live exactly as they do. I have always remembered her saying that. Wise words!
    Glad you have recovered Laurie.
    When you fall Laurie, you “always” get up and keep going.”
    Darlene Linda (middle name)

    I would love to read your book.
    Luck of the draw!