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Choosing to Travel Lightly – Blossom Tip 77

Usually I write serious stuff. Practical tips, encouragement, information, and sometimes even exhortation to take responsibility for your life and choose to grow forward — even in an unwanted, unexpected season. Put on your big girl pants and blossom!

But today I want lighten up. So I’ll tell you a little story about my dog Georgie.

Once upon a time, Georgie heard a short, sharp noise behind her. Startled, she jerked around to see what was creeping up on her — it must be a big dangerous animal, for it was loud! But nothing was there. Georgie lifted her snout in the air, nostrils twitching madly. 

“What is that smell?” I could hear her thinking. “Ewww, gross, let’s get out of here!” 

Georgie had farted. She was completely surprised by her own body and had no idea why it happened, what it meant, or whose fault it was. So off she scampered, forgetting the past and trotting into the future.

My dog may not choose to travel lightly, but travel lightly she does. She even trots lightly, bouncy and springy, easily and nimbly.

How you, too, can travel lightly

Jesus calls us to become like children — and I’m getting better at it every day! I’m not becoming more immature or childish (though my husband and cat may disagree. My dogs, on the other hand, wholeheartedly approve). 

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Rather, I’m practicing the art of childlike freedom. In Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back I described how my self-image changed when I wrote down how God sees me. I believe God sees me as a bright, twirly, innocent, curly-haired, ribbon-clad little girl who hasn’t experienced real life yet. That changed how I saw myself, and it’s changing how I live.

Children tend to be open, receptive, trusting, humble, loving and forgiving. They don’t take things personally, hang on to pain and grief, or let shame or guilt suppress the natural wellspring of life within them. Children are instinctively driven to explore and discover. They neither dwell in the past nor settle for the present, but look forward to the future, fueled by wonder and an immense capacity for enjoyment.

Let’s give ourselves permission to openly and instinctively respond, like children, to people and places and pets. Let’s feel and express wonder, awe, love and joy. Let’s  explore, probe and discover new things about ourselves, people, and the world! Let’s be vulnerable, knowing that when we get hurt we will be healed. We won’t toughen up, we won’t curl up in fear, and we won’t hide.

Children who travel lightly are following Jesus. A God-centred life is a life of childlike dependence on Him — in the bad times and good times, hard seasons and soft seasons, death and life.

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What childlike thing will you do today, I wonder? If you’re not willing to fart in public, at least treat yourself to an ice cream cone, ride on a ferris wheel, or ticket to the aquarium. 🙂 

With childlike love,


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Choosing to Travel Lightly She Blossoms Tip 77
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