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Blossoming Into Your Calling – Blossom Tip 76

Blossoming into who God created you to be — acrobat or blogger, cardiologist or gardener — takes time. Patience. Nurturing, growing, learning, and taking little leaps of faith. But what do you do if you’re stuck, stalled, or haven’t even started?

I started the “She Blossoms” blog and book family because I finally figured out why God created me. And if I found my purpose in life, you can find yours! Here’s how I became a published author and self-employed blogger — and how you, too, can blossom into your calling.

But first, let’s meet for coffee 🙂  I’m teaching at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference next month! Mount Hermon is nestled in the woods near Santa Cruz, California — and it’s where I met my literary agent two years ago. I couldn’t attend the conference last year because the manuscript of my first traditionally published book was due at the exact same time. I’m thrilled to serve on the faculty this year, especially since it’s their 50th anniversary. 

My job at Mount Hermon is to help writers become better bloggers. I’m teaching a Morning Mentoring Clinic called From Good to Great: Taking Your Blog to the Next Level. We’ll cover blog monetization, content creation, online writing tips, community building, social media and more, depending on participants’ needs, level, and skills.

If you want to blossom into your calling — and you think maybe God is calling you to write or blog — join us on Mount Hermon. It’s an investment in yourself that you’ll never regret making.

How I Blossomed as a Writer

Blossoming Into Your Calling Blossom Tips
Blossoming Into Your Calling

I always wanted to write, but never dreamed I could actually earn a living as a writer. Then I stumbled across an online Vancouver-based magazine called Suite101, and started writing psychology articles for their website. I was surprised at how much passive, ongoing income I earned — and I realized I could make money with my own blogs.

After blogging for ten years I realized my heart was still set on being a “real” writer (a published author, in other words). My first book idea was a city guide called Unveiling Vancouver. I pitched it to a dozen publishers and received a book contract! But the deal fell through because I moved to a different province in Canada.

My heart was crushed, my self-esteem shattered. How could I ever blossom into my calling as a writer if everyone kept saying no and stomping on my dreams?

I tried again.

My second book idea was Traveling Teens, Rocky Roads but a million agents and a billion publishing houses rejected it. My third book idea was See Jane Soar, a book of life lessons from famous women. Amelia Earhart! Wangari Maathai! Coco Chanel! A New York City literary agent offered to represent me, but he couldn’t sell it to the first few publishers he tried, so he dropped me as a client. 

Another season of sadness and disappointment. I abandoned all hope of getting published, deciding that writing blog posts was good enough for me. But it wasn’t good enough for God.

Ten years later on a California road trip with my husband and dogs, I found myself at a writing conference called — you guessed it — the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference.

I didn’t plan on meeting a literary agent, polishing my book proposal writing skills, or writing Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back. Nor did I plan on signing a book contract with a publishing house a couple of months later.

And yet, here we are.

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Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back

When getting published stopped being about me — my dreams, goals, identity — my books blossomed. I blossomed. I happily signed a contract to write Growing Forward When You Can’t Go Back, but I would have just as happily continued blogging.

My heart changed, and that changed everything. I had already blossomed into who God called me to be, and it wasn’t about becoming a “real” writer or publishing a book. It was about becoming me in a deep, real, true sense. It was about following Jesus into whatever season He allowed and listening for the Holy Spirit’s nudges and whispers.

You, too, are on a journey. You are blossoming to God is calling you to be — even if you feel stuck, stalled, or like you haven’t even started. Just take the next commonsense step in your life. If you want to write, then learn how to be a writer by going to conferences and reading books and actually writing. If you want to be an acrobat, take aerial courses and learn maneuvers and actually look up to where the trapeze is.

Fear not, Jesus said. So did the Angel of the Lord, and Yahweh, and Paul. They encouraged people because it feels scary to take God’s hand and walk forward in faith…but it’s the only way to find your calling and blossom into who He created you to be.

With His love,


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