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Being Who You Were Called to Be – Blossom Tip 79

As you get older, do you find it harder or easier to be who you were called to be? Maybe you find it harder because of loss, grief, pain and circumstance. Maybe you’re just too tired and far from your childhood self to think about being who you were called to be, much less blossom into who God created you to be.

Or maybe you’re like me. Every day you find it easier and easier to be who you were called to be because you know there’s not much time left. And, it really doesn’t matter what people think of you!

We will fly away home before we know it…and we will only regret that we didn’t learn how to stop believing lies about ourselves so we could become who we were really, truly called to be.

Different women grow into their lives in different ways, but one thing is the same for everybody: we all make a difference in this world, to the people in our lives, and to God. We need each other to flourish and thrive. We need you to grow and blossom into who God created you to be!

Being who she was called to be

Every one of us has a unique, meaningful relationship with God. Take Eve, for example. She walked and talked with the Lord in the Garden of Eden. Even after being cast out and losing two sons, Eve continued to depend on Him for blessings.

And Sarah! Her relationship with God evolved over a decade of impatient waiting, wondering, wandering. She and Abraham traveled when God directed, and were blessed with great wealth and descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky. Sarah wandered off track for awhile (remember how she treated Hagar, her maidservant!)…but eventually she found her way back to God. She became who He called her to be.

Being Who You Were Called to Be Blossom Tip 79
Esther – Being Who She Was Called to Be

Esther was a leader who lived up to her royal role as queen. She was a smart, strategic woman who didn’t rush impulsively into new situations. Naomi, a grieving mother and widow, was more emotional but just as intelligent. She and Ruth followed God home to Israel, to live and prosper with His chosen people.

Martha and her sister Mary had loving, face-to-face relationships with Jesus. Martha offered Him the comforts of food, drink, hospitality. Mary gave Him her wholehearted focus, energy, and time.

Mary Magdalene was the first person Jesus chose to see after His resurrection. She was His friend, confidant, and kindred spirt. And who could forget Mary of Nazareth? Jesus’ mom, with whom He had a relationship like no other. Nobody in the world knows you like the woman who birthed you, and Mary was His mother. She loved and blessed Jesus like no other person could.

You aren’t called to be Mary (or Sarah, or Esther). God calls you to become who He created you to be—not who He created me or your sister or your friend to be. 

When you get to heaven, God won’t ask, “Why weren’t you more like Mary of Nazareth?” Instead He might ask, “Why weren’t you more you?”

How to be who you were called to be

Choose a picture of yourself as a child—one that makes your heart melt, break, or sing. Sit with it for a little while. What do you remember about her? What is she doing? Where was she, what was she wearing, who was she with? Who is missing? What do you love or hate about the picture?

Write her a letter, telling her what she needs to know. What do you wish you had known then? How would you live your life differently, what choices would you make, where would you go, who would you be?

Bless that little girl with hope, encouragement, grace, and truth. Give her a Scripture verse to remember, words to cherish. Pray for her. Give her the strength, love, and inspiration she needs to walk through the seasons of her life. 

Tell her that she is already flourishing and blossoming into who God called her to be.

It’s not too late to be who you were called to be — but it does take creativity, courage, and curiosity! Being who you were called to be requires you to be still, listen to the Holy Spirit, and take one step forward. Boldly. Humbly. Hopefully, faithfully, and freely.

If you aren’t sure who you were created to be or what your purpose is, read Who God Wants You to Be. You’ll learn how to see yourself—and your life—with fresh eyes.

With His love,


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