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5 Signs You’re Emotionally Smothering Your Boyfriend (and How to Stop!)

If your boyfriend says you’re smothering him emotionally – or if you suspect you are – these tips will help you see your relationship more clearly. You’ll learn how dangerous emotional suffocation can be and how to stop smothering your boyfriend.

When Your Husband Still Works With His Ex Affair Partner

Your husband is still working with the woman he had an affair with – which means he sees his “ex affair partner” every day. Of course you feel jealous and insecure! You know your husband loves you, but what if he’s still emotionally attached or physically attracted to the other woman?

Is Love Powerful Enough to Save Your Relationship?

Love is powerful..but is the power of love strong enough to save a relationship that is failing? It depends how you – and your boyfriend – harness that power to renew your love for one another. The power of love is a learned skill, not something that comes from your feelings, hormones or even your hopes for a better relationship. […]